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On my first run I did get like, 5 sentry stages in a row, though maybe using the debug command to finish a fight against them broke something?

Played through the demo and it def is a solid foundation and I've got some feedback:
- the art and general game feel are good

- menus and UI is very clear and readable

- It seems that debug commands got left, as I pressed "1" by mistake and it instakilled the entire board, I also pressed "f" and it put me on an enemy tile

- the card variety is good and a decent chunk of them are fun

- in the tutorial it would prob be better if the player had to do the actions it talks about b4 going to the next step, to make sure the player would understand

- when first playing I only got sentry enemies, but after restarting I got a bigger variety of opponents (idk if it's a bug or just got unlucky)

- the "support fire" card is super strong, it instantly cleared every stage

Other than that, I can't wait to see your progress in the future!

The answer to that one is "thekruck.jpg"

Good suggestion, will then also add an option to change your name in the settings.

Feint balls are not intended, they are just some weird bug that randomly deletes the balls b4 they enter the screen.

And ye, the leaderboards were added a bit last-second, so I prob didn't set up a lot of stuff with them correctly, so thank you for letting me know about the issues with it.

Ground pound move of each character should allow you to get back down, though we probably didn't balance it out as well as we should.
Will definitely fix it in the post-jam version!

To move down press the jump button mid-air, which makes that character slam on top of the platform, lowering it by a bit.

Good sound effects, very nice visuals and cool puzzles.

Some of the final stages were quite difficult, but very fun to crack.

Looks very charming, has a very unique take on the jam theme and is hella hard.
Really well done!

With working AI and online play, this could be quite fun.

If being able to play against a friend is added and more words get recognized by the game, I could see it be quite a fun party game.

Keep your head up chief, you'll do better next jam.

Very nice soundtrack, cute sprites and a pretty dang addicting combination of idle and gacha games.

If this game will be worked on post-jam, then I could see it stealing a ton of hours from people's lives.

Minigolf and zombies is a cool combination, as trying to make those shots under pressure of the horde can lead to some cool moments.

My only complaint is that the zombies themselves are a bit on the weak side, as after I noticed that they deal almost no damage to me, I started ignoring them and just going for shots.

I like the unique way this game is controlled, however if the game were to be fixed up post-jam then I'd love to see the grid pattern in the background, as it was sometimes difficult to line up blocks correctly without it.

Thank you so much!
It was a team effort, and you can check social media links of everyone involved in the credits.

We managed to update it before the true deadline, so if you'd like to you can check out a couple more levels!

Hectic game with nice art and heart-stopping music.

Thank you and oh dang, I knew I missed something.
Alternatively you can click the blue link to the site at the bottom of the browser to progress, but thank you for telling me about this.

Very aesthetic, quite spooky and even besides all that it's also a fun game of checkers.

Love the artstyle and the way this game incorporates the theme of the jam.

It is also very relaxing and the characters are quite cute.

As other comments have stated, this does give me an error on opening too.

A nice combination of money management and platforming. 

The risk-reward balancing makes this game quite enjoyable.

Very cute style, and the dark souls-like idea of leaving messages for others is cool, tho I was not able to test if it works in practice.

Also, when the attack indicator shows up in the darkness, it becomes basically invisible.

Great mood, the art style pairs really well with the music.

Cute game, though it was a bit hard to notice what could be interacted with.

It's a very cute game, with a catchy tune playing throughout.

I really liked how the ants formed this kind of sentient ball of fluff.

The only thing I am a bit mixed on is that getting through tight spaces feels harder than it should be, though I may have misused one of the mechanics.

Overall, I'd recommend checking it out.

Very pretty, heartwarming series of short stories. Some atmospheric music would've made it perfect, but it is still quite fun.

Disclaimer: a cool friend worked on this game, so I might be biased.

But disclaimers aside it is very pretty, though I can't seem to be able to beat it.