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Feel free to post it here, and thanks for your support! I've been working on other projects but I will make some new maps for this soon.

This is completed!


Dear sir, I am in the process of porting the backend to another provider, as AWS started charging me for the tiny micro instance this was running on. Soon...

You're reading my mind, all this is coming in the post jam version.

So many things to agree with here, I didn't manage my time well. The post-jam version will include what you suggested!

Perfect me dancing at a party simulator.

Pico8 is the perfect choice for this jam!

Hehe, I cracked up when Gutsman appeared.

Nice battlezone entry, controls feel good. Would love to see more weapons and enemy types like Spectre / Spectre VR

100% agree gentlemen, had no time to polish gameplay at all. Actually threw out my original idea 20 hours in (bad habits...)

Want to echo what everyone is saying about the nice level of polish here, but difficulty seems too steep

Nice work, delayed targeting is satisfying

*46 :)

Fixed some more bugs and made UX improvements.

Got RGMv5 with cutscene maker, whatever that is!

I had to download RGM! Didn't know about it. Will definitely make something with this. 90s forever!

No idea what you're talking about ;)

Fixed layout issues on small screens, and an error when placing buildings.

Clever puzzler. Good use of the theme. Had some difficulty with the controls, unclear how to swap between carrying a cable and using it for power. Keep going!

Soulslike platformer with great aesthetic. Upgrades keep things fresh. Nice work.

Interesting pattern puzzler. Hilarious art, great concept. Best use of the theme so far.

Great art, simple but well executed. I had trouble playing because the space bar causes the browser window to scroll downwards in firefox for some reason.


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Yeah, restarted from zero half way. First idea didn't pan out. Didn't get near as much content in as needed. Should always go with my 2nd idea! Yours will win probably!

Definetly not hearty though :p

Amazing work by Lisa!

Quality mechanic and level design. Such a good hook.

Glad you enjoyed! Was concerned it might be too depressing :)

Pico8! This a really great for a short jam. This could win. Engaging mechanic. Satisfying to play for even a few minutes. I want more kinds of objects to throw, with different physics, etc!

Exactly! Quarantine is a slow death :) Even a small thing like losing your internet connection could wind up making a person consider going outside. Many will lose their jobs, etc. Hopefully not too depressing. We can do it!

Great concept for a mobile game. Keep going!

Love the aesthetic. Difficult!! Great twist on a platformer. Hard to tell if holding the roll. Or if it's sitting on your head!

Good to see you again. Nice level design. 2nd level is very tight! Maybe make the beds collide with the player? Might be too hard then. Good stuff.

Simple, effective. Love pico8. Great entry. I want more! More guns, enemies, etc.

Amazing visuals for a short jam! Most relevant entry yet. Unsure how the combat works?

Good prose. Love a good Twine. Might remove the delay on the home scene? We're there often. Solid entry.

Simple but effective. Good use of the theme. Difficult!

Nice take on the tile swapping genre. Especially for a short jam. Well made.

This makes me very anxious