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!!!! so cute!!!! bouncy fun physics that are certainly wrong but feel so right!!!

god the noise startled me so bad i almost woke up my roommate! great job! This was really cool and fun, just wish it was slightly easier to control!!

"hey i'm walking here!" *walks directly into laser* 

This is so cute and so much fun! The levels are really well designed and the art is absolutely FANTASTIC! Great job guys!!!!

Super fun and polished! Looks and plays great! I really love the ridiculous ammo, it would be fun to see what else you came up with!

Frustrating in the best way! Totally caught me off guard! Looks and sounds great too, good job!

Really neat atmosphere! Nice pixel art and a cool concept! Car was frustrating to control but that's probably the point 

Thank you!! We're discussing future steps now!!

Thank you so much!

Thank you!!! We're planning on it!

Thank you! You didn't miss anything! Character customization was originally supposed to have more impact, but due to constraints we decided  to submit what we had! We're currently discussing finishing it though, so I'm glad that's something people would want to see!

This was a lot of fun!! got a glitch where the ball never came back down?? i think i launched it too far in my frustration

It feels very polished! The art is so cute and the audio is perfectly timed! Wish the symbols had been a little bit more differentiated since it sometimes was hard to tell what it would do, but still really good!

this was so much fun and so smooth! great art and sound design! a cookie clicker shooter is a fantastic idea! geez DAL, how come your mom lets you have so many mouses?

lol sometimes unity web plays you like that I'm glad you got it working though!!!

Oh no!!! What browser were you using? I know that zooming/fixing zooming helped some players but that's frustrating if it doesn't work!

I maybe caught 50% of the text? Wasn't sure if that was on purpose or accident! Either way it fits with the out of control theme, so not the worst issue for this game jam!

this is a really fun game! the art and sounds are all so cute! unfortunately my little sheepdog hands are so bloody, i think i killed like 15 sheep :(

I can't read all the decisions but somehow I feel like that's the point >:) Very fun I like wrecking chaos digitally just wish this was exaggerated satire instead of a day in the life of our actual president

I'm not quite sure what's going on but I'm smashing things and that pleases something deep inside of me

Super fun game!!! Music was great, good feel! Only problem I had was a bug with the room where you need to slide diagonally- I got stuck and had to reset and it stuck me at the end of the previous room, I couldn't move either way :( Otherwise great job!!!

Thank you so much!!! I'm glad you liked it!! The player sprite was a mistake on my part, forgot to add it in before building and didn't have time to rebuild before time was up!

neat little game! some weird physics stuff was happening near the slides but otherwise pretty polished and fun!

thank you!!!! i'm glad you liked it!!!

I'm playing browser and I can't get past the menu?

super fun! difficult to see though, i had to zoom my screen out to like 40% to see the whole thing!

Also, not sure if it's a bug or just the last level but after the level with 2 keys it doesn't take me anywhere i just have to keep replaying the level?

ahhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH stressFUL but very fun!!!!  i felt very frantic the entire time!!!!! great job y'all!

oh my god i didn't even last 2 levels rip

great execution tho!

this game is absolutely gorgeous- in writing, visuals, and music. it's feels like an experiment in tone, and it hits the mark for everything for me. a contemplative experience, worth your time and attention if for nothing more than to slow down for a sec. great job guys!

This game is so much fun! I played with a friend and we were both absolutely charmed by the art, writing, and music. It works so well, and if you consider making a full game I know many people would be interested