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Hmm it seems that more people  gets bother by that. I thought that  is good because that is my preference of movement. I will implement classical movement too,  thanks on review! 


Here is one more game from trio Will, Bahototh, CROmartin made for mini game jam 11, with theme harvest and limitation "no text". If you have time and will try it out and rate it if possible. Thanks in forward!

Cool game really like graphics, gameplay  could be more divers  but ok. I am not sure does only this happens to me or is major bug  that basket will try to line up with mouse but goes right to  far and then tries going back to left but again goes to far and so on... 

Oh I think I know what happens, when you hit object it disappears but it is quite obviously that you hit object because it is visible before you hit it. I am sorry if that confused you. If neither of this cases are not true, I would appreciated to you tell me more about it. 

Probably you run out of food and die. 

Thank you on review!

Game was really fun and cute! Sounds, music and graphic were great(maybe more environment sounds), but it bugs me that I can't go behind walls and had trouble founding pens, they are almost same color as floor.    

Game is cool, but little bit to hard. Traps are really close each other so many time it must be perfect landing othervise I  get punished by dying. When I died few times after passing 10-12 bombs I see that there is nothing that would keep me playing it is to same and hard(some player might like it). Graphics are amazing! Music is quit appealing too. 

Games is fun but dosen't have all aspects that game should have, like sounds, music and being able to restart with out closing windows. Respect for not using any premade engine! 

We are team of programmer (me, CROmartin) and musician (Will) and we are looking for artist. We bout have experience in making games and join in only if you really want have fun this weekend. Join in our team at CrowdForge or just contact us and we will put you in our discord channel. 

I am  still not 100% clear but with room you  mean any space(like outside, on water and similar)?

I have some idea that I will make but if there is artist and designer that have own idea I would love to program what he wants.

Hi I am GML programer, if you are interested I would love to work with you. My name on discord is CROmartin.