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Martin Starešinčić

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I appreciate fast response.
I have tried opening files with 3D viewer and Unity. 

For 3D viewer I have just double clicked on fbx or obj file, fbx are completely black while obj have silvery look. 

For Unity I have dragged and dropped files into project, neither of them displayed textures out of box. I did find solution how to apply textures myself, but process is cumbersome. I intend to use this for cutting project but sadly there is interpolation of vertex or for some other reason it doesn't work, so algorithm fails on this mesh, although awesome textures. Will try to make good use out of them 

Hello, I have a problem with textures, they are not applied anywhere I open it. There is only UV map on it. Can you help?

Classic tower defense, cant miss with that. Great work, although it could get little bit bigger gameplay

Cool looking game, although it could get little bit more of gameplay.

Hahaha, thank you! 

Is this some kind of joke? 

I felt sick while playing this game, although it was fun. 

I can't obtain win binaries, checkout your download files.

Fun game, hope that more people play it. 

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"In a world left alone what could an old man do? "  Wait for car to drive him over?  Is this a message? 

I have enjoyed it a lot. Movement is funky, although it fits theme. Great concept! 

Amazing graphics! What is technique? It was fun, although little bit hard for one player.

Good game with great graphics and creative funny theme, although game play becomes to repetitive after a while. 

Interesting concept with great graphics, although I would love much more faster game play. 

Simple and aesthetic with strong message.  

Game with great vibe, love aesthetics! Although game play starts being dull quite fast, also tutorials texts overlap for some reason. Good game anyway! 

Cool little game, but I have also noticed same bugs as others

Relaxing endless game with nice graphics. Only thing I would like be changed is turning, it is ok to turning is slow, but not that much, just little faster turning would make game much more enjoyable. Although I did enjoyed it already, good game! 

Cute game! Although movement is little to wild, but I guess that is for purpose of hardening game. Maybe is better just to create more obstacles and calm movement a little. Great game though!

Cool and funny concept, doing trick shots was taken to whole new lvl. Although I have found players movement little bit to funky for my taste. 

Interesting concept, it was wild new experience! Only thing that minds me is medic kit depth, it appears behind thing that are actually behind medic kit, at least that is how I saw it. 

It is lovely mash up, enjoy it a lot. Game speed was to fast for me at start but I was surprised how fast I could move pawns after few games!

Loved it, it was weird at first but when I got hang of it was fun, maybe there is one change that should be made and that is speeding up gameplay, it was little bit slow to me. 

Interesting game, don't know if it is inspired by one of existing game, but how ever interesting  and polished experience.

Thank you on review! 

Thank you!

Thank you! You can contact me at

Glad you did! 

Three Days Of The Rabbit is a casual platformer with hand drawn and water color graphics that celebrate the coming of spring.  Offering relaxed, casual game play  with engaging brightly colored graphics, this game is great for kids of all ages 4 and up.  With full controller support, Three Days of The Rabbit is great on the couch as well as at the computer.


I am quite surprised by theme of game. Game has a lot of potential keep it up! I really like that game name is fear but in South Slavic.   

Thanks on review, actually double hit system is implemented  but sadly I messed up bullet refresh cooldown system just before submiting, it is possible to double hit but it is very hard to do so. 

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Thank you on review! We will definitely implement controller support if we decide for further development.  

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Thank you on review, unfortunately we hadn't had enough time for fully polishing and play testing game.

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Thanks on review, 3rd boss is little bit to strong! Sadly we didn't have time for play testing.

Well done! 

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Thanks on review! I will check out your game too, I am now really interested how you guys pulled it up!

Thanks on providing this amazing asset for free! Here is GAME my team made for GMTK jam. 

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Thank you on review, we are glad you liked it!