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OH... I was so excited to check this out, but then my heart sank in my chest when I opened it and saw "Built in Unity". You see, every few years, Unity train-wrecks their platform, and everyone who's been developing in it has to trash their code base and start over. PLEASE please please, convert this to some other platform! At least keep some sort of clear text copy of whatever code that you can, so that you can port it to something else at some point in the future, if/when Unity flatlines their platform again! It is SO hard to find really good soundboards like this. I REALLY hope this one lasts!

Mmm.. I imagine it was ported to Mac about two days after they converted to a Linux based OS. If there was a Windows port that long ago, I never heard of it.. but it's not impossible.

No worries on the late reply.

That's stunning! I didn't think that there was anything that unreal couldn't do!

I wish some of this Unity cyber stuff was presented for Unreal.

Ya know.. if you offered these significantly cheaper.. in a pack.. for Unreal.. I'd love to mess around with them. :)

I'm considering putting together some assets to make a / some cyberpunk "matrix" maps for VTT roleplaying. SO yeah.. I'd drop a little cash to mess around with these, and I'd probably use at least two of them.. but I'm not paying like $100 for 12 assets I may or may not use. Ever.

Anyway.. I'm not trying to come across as whiny, I'm just saying that you may be missing pert of your market, or a couple of parts, actually.

I LOVE those hex flowers, can't wait to take a look at what you did here! :D

Cool game! Reminds me of a really cool Android game I used to love. Might I suggest.. more levels, more turret types and up-gradable turrets. :)

Hey guys.. this is a retro classic. It was the original "masterworks" tactical RPG, but it was Linux only for most of its lifespan. If you haven't heard of it, that's why. It's finally been ported to Windows, so count that as a blessing, I guess.

I'm rather sick of Windoze myself, but it is kind of cool to have Battle for Wesnoth on a Win platform after all of these years. I guess if you give Windoze enough time, you can beat on it hard enough that it can run anything. :D

Dude.. it's the same game. It's a retro classic. Nobody is forking around with the AI or anything. I think there was a content pack added abut a decade ago, but that's it. This was the original "masterworks" RPG. It still is a masterpiece. Most people haven't heard of it because it was Linux only for most of its lifespan.

Says the entry point "CreateFile2" could not be found in kernel32.dll

HE Reloaded community · Created a new topic Um...
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I don't see any releases or anything in the Github, but someone says that the ZIP file was corrupt..? Does anyone know if/where there is a working non-abandoned version of this project? I need the 4.x version, but it looks like the 5.x version is abandoned as well.

Makes absolute sense!

AH!! I've been rooting around for cyberpunk assets, but your link is broken. :'(

Google Drive

Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist.

I just need to know how Slenderman gets THOSE hands in THOSE sleeves. :S

Hey, where did our conversation go?? Um.. the computer that I HAD been trying to hack updated items in to the program died. TECHNICALLY, it was the Windows partition on this computer that I'm using Linux on still to this day. :)

However, I lost all of my notes and stuff, so I need to ask for all of the info on how to do that again. :/

I recall that you said that you were at a stalemate trying to update this because of unity or something, but has there been any progress? It's still a really amazing utility, even after all of this time. :)

Looks great! Thanks so much!

Hey! That's awesome! I'll go put a squirrel on a wheel and see what shakes loose. :D

Oh, hey.. Will there be an update for Linux as well? I can dig out my Android tablet.. but I actually have it installed right here on my laptop. :)

Holy crapburgers Bat-plebian! There's a voice in the dark! :D

I actually still use this, thank you immensely for the wonderful update. :D

Whatsa Mork Borg? I think I'm still subscribed from the Haversack days.

Very good, thank you! Any hope on getting the other utilities working offline? (Without setting up a dedicated server! ;) )

Oh, I'm not a stickler about having the newest bestest version or anything. I was actually thinking more along the lines of if you had an old version in Java or something that could be wrapped up neatly without doing a bunch of extra work. I'm actually using a Linux desktop right now, so a LAMP server or somethign would be stupid easy, anything advanced would just depend I suppose. It would probably be easiest just to mirror your server on a server I take offline later, but that sounds like an AWFUL lot of work just to generate random villages. :) Those first two links didn't go to your Patreon page. I scrolled down your Patreon page for a while, but I didn't see where you mentioned anything offline or anything.

Some of us out in the boonies and up in the mountains can't always go online at will.. or sometimes, ever. Any way to get these in some form we can use offline? Any form, even if its messy? These 3 medieval village / town apps are amazing! I need these for when my boys decide to take off sideways just to irritate me. ;)

Ditto with these two.. any way to make it work locally, when internet is not available?
This is even more stunning. Needs trees, tho. ;)

HTML5? Goram it. I don't suppose you have a flash or js version or something I can use locally, do you?
Oh.. and this is amazing. :)

Meh, I'd blame it on Unity first. I keep hearing that Unity can be either a gift from God or a curse from Satan. I haven't done any compiling for a while, but didn't there used to be a Linux compiler that could compile cross platform? That might solve your Mac problem. Also, I think I saw an Open Source Mac OS X for installing on x86_64 machines just the other day. I don't pay much attention to Mac, but maybe you could install that on a USB drive or an SSD or something and do your Mac compiling that way? Maybe? No clue if Mac will compile across platforms, but...?

OH, that sucks. Well, as long as this build is stable..
Can you backgrade to the old build environment, and make it work that way?

Very interesting! I guess I'll take a stab at trying to make a special template in Notepad++ to highlight and make it easier to read.  A template with code snippets would go a long way.
Unless you already have a solution for those things..?
I'll put it on my to-do list. ;)

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Oh, I didn't mean a random generator. I meant a program or etc. to export a JSON file which I can import in to the store. :)

We live in the boonies, and frequently have no internet service. I would like to be able to use this across a LAN, where I set up the stores that the party members can choose items from, then they can buy and sell their own junk. I would also like to restrict them from buying stuff for free, while I can add items to each party members sack. I also need to be able to destroy / remove items (One party member tripped and broke two Emu eggs inside of his backpack.) Party members can trade items at will.

Of course, items would have to be available in copper and silver coins as well. Maybe have a bank or something to exchange coin?

It would be one hell of a blessing to have an item database for Pathfinder (1st edition) to feed the store(s)

It would be nice to have some sort of system where players belonging to guilds or etc.  get a discount.

If you use Notepad++ to look at your text, and select Ada under languages, it becomes significantly easier to look at that text.

..not that I know what to do with it, but it gets easier.

Do you have a program / databse /spreadsheet to generate store lists, or just that script?