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Hey guys.. this is a retro classic. It was the original "masterworks" tactical RPG, but it was Linux only for most of its lifespan. If you haven't heard of it, that's why. It's finally been ported to Windows, so count that as a blessing, I guess.

I'm rather sick of Windoze myself, but it is kind of cool to have Battle for Wesnoth on a Win platform after all of these years. I guess if you give Windoze enough time, you can beat on it hard enough that it can run anything. :D


It's been on Windows and Mac since like 2005/2006 or something. It didn't take long to get ports.

Mmm.. I imagine it was ported to Mac about two days after they converted to a Linux based OS. If there was a Windows port that long ago, I never heard of it.. but it's not impossible.


We even still have the installers available for those early versions at

No guarantee they still work with modern versions of Windows though, of course.


I've played the game since the 2000 on Windows. What you're talking about?