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Haversack (Bag +5)

Haversack holds gear in your tabletop campaign. · By Tartle Games

Feature Request: LAN sharing

A topic by crogonint created Apr 06, 2020 Views: 62 Replies: 1
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We live in the boonies, and frequently have no internet service. I would like to be able to use this across a LAN, where I set up the stores that the party members can choose items from, then they can buy and sell their own junk. I would also like to restrict them from buying stuff for free, while I can add items to each party members sack. I also need to be able to destroy / remove items (One party member tripped and broke two Emu eggs inside of his backpack.) Party members can trade items at will.

Of course, items would have to be available in copper and silver coins as well. Maybe have a bank or something to exchange coin?

It would be one hell of a blessing to have an item database for Pathfinder (1st edition) to feed the store(s)

It would be nice to have some sort of system where players belonging to guilds or etc.  get a discount.

Hey, where did our conversation go?? Um.. the computer that I HAD been trying to hack updated items in to the program died. TECHNICALLY, it was the Windows partition on this computer that I'm using Linux on still to this day. :)

However, I lost all of my notes and stuff, so I need to ask for all of the info on how to do that again. :/

I recall that you said that you were at a stalemate trying to update this because of unity or something, but has there been any progress? It's still a really amazing utility, even after all of this time. :)