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Unexpected endings, a ton of variance in gameplay and all done very well. I would suggest on the tank part you should have limited ammo and with the final rocket having a smaller collision shape would be nice. Very good.

I am funeral D:

Possibly if I get around to it

C was the best option, if I had more time key binds might have been a thing

The camera do need some tuning. I’m happy you liked it though!

Once I got the mechanic it was really nice.

Cool :D

You were supposed to be able to walk on them. I didn’t think about it while their still active though.

A good mechanic. I would avoid copyrighted music and sound effects

Every nice implementation of MS Paint

I’m a bit lost but overall its a really great game.

This is great

I would not have thought to make a point and click game. It turned out pretty good.

Really cool. I didn’t like tomato ddr would be this hard.

Looks great and challenging very good

After uploading the game I realized there are a few spots were they should have been different.

I’m happy you liked it.

I figured it out I needed to export it in Godot 2 instead of Godot 3. My project is My transparency filter broke when exported in Godot 3.

I’m happy you liked it :D

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My game at first wouldn’t work on HTML. I now have a working version with no changes to gameplay, art, etc. If I can port it a lot more people would play it.

Edit: I’m going to add it after seeing this post:

Really cool, bit difficult but probably just because I’m bad at fps games.

A bit confusing at first, after realizing what it was it was fun though. What did you make this in? Windows was throwing a fit over the file.

It’s still really fun.

Very hard to move in the beginning but other than that its really good and the art is great. My only question is how did you get transparency? I believe this was made in Godot and my project’s transparency broke when put in html.

I’m just not sure what to do.

Really fun mechanic, would love to see it expanded on.

Good mechanic and art but could use a bit of polish

Easy to learn and fun

Really fun, but, the onion never played it would slide in and then be replaced by the cream task

I’m sorry the screen effects was so bad. I’ll add tone it down and add an option to turn it off once voting ends. I really like the color idea. I had plans for more enemies but ran out of time. Thank you for playing :D

My main question is why? But I think I can live without knowing. The game is nice though. If this isn’t what you need tell me, but I think this will help.

Looks very good but I’m very confused

Next time you do a web build name the zip index and click played in web brower

Very challenging and interesting, I like it.

The bullet mechanic is great! Make sure to disable the player’s movement when they die.

The bullet mechanic is great! Make sure to disable the player’s movement when they die.

The bullet bounce is a neat idea

Really interesting and polished