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I’m happy someone acknowledged what I based it on! Thanks for playing and it’s great to hear you liked it.

I’m happy you enjoyed it!

This game looks great! The concept is really simple to understand but not basic. I think it can get frustrating getting killed by only one laser though. Good job!

A really interesting concept. I love the stretch you put on that player, and it looks great because of it. Getting your companion to jump correctly can be finicky though. Good job!

I really like the concept but there isn’t any feedback for you actions besides the narrator. Sound effects for what you are doing would help a lot and maybe some screen shake? It’s hard to make a game with little to no visuals. It also feels weird not being contained to a box or something. I can run off to a corner and then randomly I’ve opened a door and now I have to run back down. Also why is there an album cover lol. Sorry if that is coming off as too harsh. I think your idea is really good and for the time you had to complete it you did really well.

Really unique idea. I really love the visuals, but the game feels a little unintuitive and has too many mechanics for them to not be explained to the player. I still think the whole I idea of using roomba’s to destroy crabs with tnt is amazing though. Overall, neat idea just needed a bit more direction, I guess? I’m not sure what that store was about. Good job on it!

A really cool idea and you go really far with it. I think it can be really confusing to get started though. This is a really good game, and you should be proud!

A really interesting twist on Pac Man. Good job!

Rough around the edges but props for completing the jam!

This is a really good game! The concept is simple but good and explored in depth. The visuals are great, and the music is fitting. I could see potential for a larger game if you wanted to make it. Good job!

This is a really cool idea! Throwing dust at a roomba or the other way around was really fun! Good job!

I really like how this game looks! The concept is great too! I think completing some of the levels can be a bit finicky but overall, you did a really good job!

This game comes together very well! Everything works well together, and the main mechanic is simple to understand. Well done!

I like the way you added in an AI. The difficulty seemed to pike at level 4 and 5 to an unfair degree. It felt really annoying to be sent back after almost completing those levels. I think the art sticks to a theme, and I think blends really well. Good job!

Thank you for playing! I wonder what could have caused that. I’ll look into it.

I’ve been working on a mobile port for myself and might actually pursue it. I’ll have to check about the difficulty, I didn’t get much time to do testing. I added a toggle for the blinking obstacles, but I think I might just remove the effect if I keep developing this. Thank you for playing!


Thank you! Visuals are always tough for me, but I think this game’s turned out well.

Thank you! I had a very tough time thinking up a visual theme.


Okay, I think having that deep of a look into the meaning of a game is good! Maybe it just wasn’t communicated well, or possibly I just missed it. Thank you for responding!

Thank you! There is a major issue in not showing the player what color they will become next. I submitted this game a few hours early and really wish I hadn’t because I could’ve used that time to add stuff like that. Thank you so much for playing and leaving a review!

I really like the presentation and the story was well thought out. I wish there was a reset button because I would get hurt early on in a level and then have to just find the quickest way to lose the rest of my health. I’m not sure what the sparkle mechanic was for either. Overall, I think this is a really cool game and you put a lot of effort in! Good job!

Okay, I’m happy it’s no longer a problem for you! Thanks for playing!

The graphics are simple but look great! I love the stretch on the player. The idea of making your own path is a good one and I think you did well with it.

Don’t worry about it! Thanks for telling me!

I really like the mechanic and how the game looks. The overall, look of everything is great! I do think it got a little annoying being sent all the way to the back of the level every time you died. I also understand this was a game jam. Good job!

Thank you!

The lighting effects do not work in GLES2. I made a version in that version earlier.

Good game! I think resetting you too the title screen was a bit much for just dying. There was also the issue of just being able to hold left and all the enemies running off screen. I think the art is good and for a game jam this is really good!

I really like the graphics and the dialogue. The main mechanic is fun but, I feel like it’s hard to gauge your jump. If there was a line or something to show me where I will land that would help. I think it’s meant to be challenging so maybe its intentional. Overall, really good!

I like the concept! I think this is a good simple game that does well with the limitation. I did get stuck outside the arena once. Good job!

I really like this! The levels are good and so is the art. I really like the main mechanic of controlling enemies. Good job!

I really like the art and you put a lot of effort into the story and characters, but I feel like the hitboxes are a little too big. Generally, you want your player’s hitbox to be small and your enemies hurt box to be big. So, it’s harder for the player to get hit but easier for them to hit an enemy. I also would’ve liked to see a change in between levels. maybe your shadow jumps now, etc. This is pretty fun, good job!

This version may work better for your device

The limitation did feel somewhat forced in. Thanks for playing!

Thank you!

Thank you!

The HTML version can have issues, try this version If that doesn’t work, you can download it.

The color changing does have the problem of not informing the player of which color they are changing too. The enemies clipping into the wall was a time saving measure and I might fix it at some point. Thank you!