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Oooh, this sounds awesome!

I think so. Gonna try moving the graphics data. Thank you!

I am close to writing off my game as "complete." However, a new bug has reared its head in my previously perfectly working code, and I have no idea how to squash it.

In general, the game is working perfectly fine... until you get to the Game Over screen, at which point it just freezes/crashes (you're supposed to be able to press a button to go back to the start of the game). If I remove the screen, then it just loops back to the Title screen as normal.

It's not like Game Over was causing any issues before - As far as I can tell, it just decided "Eh, I don't feel like working anymore." I suspect that it may be because I have made my game too big for the engine to handle.

Okay, I don't have anything else to say that is either productive or helpful, so here's an image of the code for Game  Over.

And because I am desperate, here is an 8o file for the game.

Do you think you can explain how the "random" function works/how to use it? I've read the manual and tried to look through the code for Garlicscape, but I can't wrap my head around it.

As someone who has not watched Akira, I gotta ask, why does selecting Tetsuo result in an instant Game Over?

I've settled on the idea of making a microgame collection (i.e. Warioware).

My biggest worry is that I don't know exactly how much I can fit in, especially since this is my first time working with the CHIP-8 and its extensions. Guess we'll just see how that goes...

That was sort of the feeling I was hoping for. And thank you!

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it!

To answer your question, it is possible to die, but I might have made the game too easy (not accounting for the secret fight that is literally impossible). If you do die, the game warps you back to your apartment, minus any items you used.

The gameplay and graphics, I feel, are solid. I felt like I was slowly crawling through the dark caverns, hoping I'd find my way out. If I may have just one complaint: the one section that combined the use of falling rocks and temporary platforms felt somewhat random, in that if you don't start it at just the right timing, you'll either get hit by a rock, or you'll fall to your death while avoiding getting hit by a rock.

I like the idea of having a physical spellbook that I need to read through in order to cast spells. That said, I couldn't tell whether or not any of the spells I cast were actually worked, because there was no feedback aside from the windsock occasionally pointing in a different direction. I ended up just typing random words from the spellbook and hoping that something good would happen.

Wow, this is actually a really cool concept! I definitely would like to see more of this, although I found having to restart the level upon taking a wrong step to be somewhat annoying.