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Hey, the price for my upcoming game Death Trash is visible on  and I want to hide it. It's not visible on the game page itself so I'm not sure if it's a bug or not.
My current settings are "Disable new downloads & purchases" and the game is marked as "Paid" and 20 dollars entered. I guess I could play around with the other price settings to see if one of them makes the price tag on the developer page hide again, but I'm kind of afraid accidentally making the game available. "Disable new downloads & purchases" sounds like it would block any access, irregardless what pricing settings I try, but I only trust it 98%.

Hey, thank you so much for playing it. =)

Not possible. We didn't include it because it's just a very short game. ... But actually working on a patch with new languages and which will also save progress automatically.

If you're on a PC (Windows, Mac or Linux) download the Zip, unpack it and run the executable. The Android Version is an APK file. Google for "sideloading" how to install an APK on your phone.

I'm not sure about the exact system requirements, but the game is free so you could just download it and see for yourself if it runs good enough on your system.

Thank you. =)

Thank you for playing it. =)

Thank you. Where's the video? :)

I'm sure it's a false positive. The executable contained within is the standard executable Unity packs together with the user created data and the zip is then packed by the server. What program did alert you and which platform version of Takume did you use?

Thank you for playing it. =)

There likely won't be a direct continuation, and right now I am occupied with my main project ( But I do hope to have more opportunities for other small games in the future.

Thank you very much for playing it. =) Very likeable presentation.

I'm a bit at a loss for words. I read this yesterday and read this now again, and I am so touched by your words. I also enjoyed the video very much. (The picture from the still image with the large black eyes looked a bit disturbing, if I may say so.)

Thank you very much for your support. It means a lot, and we'll definitely make more games. Personally spending most of my time on but also planning to do small games inbetween.

Thank you for playing it. =)

Thank you for playing. =) And I'm really happy you enjoyed the short format.

Thank you so much for playing it and your touching words. =)

Thank you for playing it. =)

Yes, already working. Project was started with both Mouse/Keyboard and Gamepad in mind.

This one is finished. I'm spending most of my time on and hope to being able to do more of these small games inbetween.

Hi. Using Unity together with selfmade tools/framework.

Thank you for playing it. And, yes, the names are not that easy. =)

Thank you very much for the feedback and the video. =)

That was great. =)

Looking at this I see a few small things that could have been improved like more specific animations for grabbing or cutting even more words from the final scene. So thank you for making that video. I do always learn from these.

A few people mentioned they were sad about the Keukegen getting trapped / not being able to help him. And although it might be fitting there will be more options / gameplay if we make a similar styled game.

Thank you for your feedback. =)

The stance is not optimal, I admit that. :)

Thank you very much for that detailed feedback. The very linear structure without options was mostly due to restricted time budget (we wanted it to keep very small). Will definitely keep your feedback in mind and give more gameplay and depth on future narrative games.

Thank you very much for playing it and for that article. =)

Thank you very much for playing it. =)

Is there already some functionality for that already?

I mean making a game free to download, people play it, and after the ending (talking about a short story game here) people get asked something like "How much was this worth to you?". Handled by the Website or App. Maybe triggered by calling a URL.

If there is none yet, I think it would be useful to have.

Thank you very much for playing it and saying nice words about it. =)