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that's the spirit! 

also lol. it was supposed to introduce them both but then that was a lot of work so i decided not to

im glad you gave it a try and im glad you liked noct! i hope you enjoy carol's route!

in order to get the romance endings, you're gonna basically have to do a little roleplaying. you have to pick the choices that fit with jazz's character, and, well. she's an overdramatic tsundere. if she doesn't start screaming over valentine's chocolates being embarrassing, she doesn't see the boy as a love interest. you'll know you're on the right path if she calls carol cute or noct's smile blinding.

also, the very first choice determines whether you're on noct's route or carol's route. there's very little overlap between the two choices.

i'm glad you liked it! again, i hope you enjoy carol's route! thank you so much for your comment!

im super glad you gave it a chance and liked it! thank you for your comment!

please get some sleep though

i hope the game made you happy though! thank you again!

im so glad you liked it! this is such a nice comment, thank you for writing it!

jazz is a fun character and i'm glad you appreciate her! i did my best to make sure the game was more "watching over a girl making a friend and maybe falling in love" than "dating people through her"

the families were also a huge part of the game, glad you liked that too! if you wanna imagine how their lives go on, you're free to imagine that yourself. have fun with it!

i'm also really glad you liked the mental health representation! i don't have much to say aside from thank you, except for like, when i was drawing carol's sprites, i went "it's not physically possible for someone to blush this hard" and then i said to myself "he's so embarrassed his blood defies physics," so that's why he's so flustered. i hope you liked both him and noct!

thank you again for your comment, and i'm glad you liked it!

i hope i can live up to your expectations from now on!

i really liked this game, it was super fun! thank you for it!

im really glad you like it! ill be looking forward to the full review! thank you very much for playing and for leaving this nice comment!

i just really want to say, wow! thank you for this game, it's fantastic! 

the characters are so cute and charming, and alex has legitimately said some of the sweetest things i've ever seen in romance! their interactions were so cute, and i loved seeing red and alex resolve to try and interact with others more! and seeing how red's family accepted alex, and hearing alex talk about how he would teach red wolf, and 'my red' and 'my alex'... there's too much to talk about, and i'm not even halfway done!

the art is so wonderful too! i legitimately stopped to stare at the title screen for several seconds before actually playing the game because of how good it was! the blinking sprites were a nice touch, i loved the look of the backgrounds and the sprites, and you even put in the effort to make the lighting on the cg and the trees in the foreground and the fire move! the little details like that and the characters looking towards the cursor just show how much care went into the game!

and we can't forget the point and click elements! that was super impressive, especially when i noticed things like dialogue changing in red's home depending on when you saw it, and again, the art being integrated into it, and the puzzle! 

thank you again for this game! i had the biggest smile on my face when i got the perfect ending! this really made my day!

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Songs and Flowers is a slice of life dating sim  made with Ren'py with a focus on friendship. Befriend or maybe date two love interests, one angelically-innocent and cute, the other, a devilish flirt. There are two endings per route, a friendship end and a romance end.

You can find it here!

Hope you enjoy it!

thank you very much, glad you like her and the game!

i'm glad! thank you very much!

the aim for MC was less having a player stand-in and more to have her own character, so it's less "dating someone through her" and more "watching her fall for someone who likes her back"

thank you again, i hope you like him, too!

(by the way, in order to unlock ALL the bonus content, the friendship endings are important too.)

i'm really glad you liked it! 

oh, you need to get at least 3 romance points to reach the romance ending, the easiest way to do this is to pick at least one good answer and then pick the "NO NO MAYBE NOT" (paraphrased) option for the valentine's day choice.

since, well, MC is a tsundere, so you need to pick the tsundere options to date the guys. you'll know you've got enough if MC either calls him cute (Carol) or calls his smile blinding (Noct)

if this is like a problem, i'll make a walkthrough on the romance options available.

thank you for your comment, and i'm glad you liked the game!

thank you, i hope you like the full release!