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It seems that every time I try to adjust or change the settings, I get this error screen?

Which is a shame, as I'm really excited to play this game, but I've had to restart the game three times over because of this.

edit: also, is there a way to skip the intro conversation and bus scene? I keep having to just buttonmash through it.

edit 2: I can't save the game.

I managed to go through the entire game and managed to get a good ending! I love all the different ghosts and how well this game treats death.

Unfortunately, the game kinda broke when I tried to do New Game+ since. Can't save.

Really liked the game though!

Hi, thanks for bringing this to my attention. Are you playing on Windows or Mac?

I'm playing on Mac.


Just checking, did you do everything in the Running CCD&B on Mac post? If you did all that and are still having issues it'll help me figure out what the problem is.


Ah, no I didn't, I missed it! I'll try and run it again tomorrow to see if that fixes the problem. Thank you!

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It turns out there's no "Show Package Contents" popup when I right-click the folder. 

Edit: Nevermind! Looked through the comments and found you helped someone else with this and used that method. It worked and I can now use the options menu! 

Thank you for your patience!


Glad to hear it worked out! Thanks for your patience, Mac is weird like that. :-)