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Not bad, Physics are really weird. Nice try for a first game, keep it up, I see potential :D

Woah, impressive for a first. We're looking at developing a similar game, if you're interested in joining the team to help out, or just in general, send us an e-mail at!

Plans on anymore of this?

9400 as a Final Score. Beat that folks.

The Pink banner bothered me when browsing so I created a css script to mod it.


If you have custom css style sheets, just paste the code into that.

If you have chrome, try this plugin. Add "" to the list with the code below in the "Style (CSS)" box.


.primary_header, .feedback_widget {background-color:#090909 !important;

text-shadow: 0 1px 0 #090909 !important;}

.button {background-color:#090909 !important;

text-shadow: 0 1px 0 #090909 !important;

color: white !important;}

Questions and comments welcome!

PS, I hope this is permitted here, and it's not against any rules. I checked and couldn't find any rules against it.

I posted something in my community and it showed up on my game homepage. Do all messages to the community show up there or only the ones the creator has posted. Is it just one? Is it only there for a period of time after the post is made?


Raft community · Created a new topic Island?

I heard rumors of an Island in the game, can anyone back this up?

Whoops, didn't do a through enough job on my research:

Anyone have the 1.05 mac version?

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The file "wizard attack.png" is off a bit. Could we get a fixed version? Other then that, this is amazing. Thank you for your time and skill!


Some said this, but add a mod folder, or a way to mod the game. If we can mod it, we'll be less of a hassle to you.