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Hi, it should be Georgia! 


Thanks for playing! The answer is that she was not so much acting crazy as much as she is determined to confront her boyfriend's stalker. She has the right to act in self-defense in her own home, and from the stuck door she knows immediately that the stalker is in her home.  

Hi, I will love to submit my paid version (Dear Mariko - Crimson) of Dear Mariko to this amazing bundle! (The basic version is free) 

For now there are no such plans due to limited budget, but I do have hopes of adding RPG style battles to it! 

Hi! That would likely be an internet connection issue. The game is very small and will not take long to download. 

FIRST! Wow this really brings back memories. I really enjoyed making this with you, Azure! 

After a delay that's way too long for a short game like this, it's finally done! --> Thanks everyone who has supported the game so far!


Dear Mariko is a simple game about a girl who comes home to find a goodbye letter from her beloved. Suddenly, the doorknob starts rattling...



Have you tried Wine?

Hi, thanks for bringing this to my attention! Unfortunately, as I do not own a Mac, I cannot look into this problem myself. Have you checked what happens if you drag the mkxp file to one of the main folders?

Hope it works out for you! RPG Maker is unfortunately still a very windows-heavy software so making it suited for mac is relatively difficult!