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Mica: Apoptosis

A horror game about a web of delusions, blissful ignorance, and human depravity. · By Coren Baili

Game not working for MAC?

A topic by sparrowjae created Jun 22, 2016 Views: 398 Replies: 3
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After finally? finding the MAC game launcher, I get a dialogue box that pops up this: Last login: Wed Jun 22 01:45:45 on ttys000

Courtneys-MacBook-Pro:~ courtneycottom$ /Users/courtneycottom/Downloads/Mica\ Apoptosis\ -\ Chapter\ 3\ Package/MAC/MacOS/mkxp ; exit;

RGSS version 1 (XP)

GL Vendor : Intel Inc.

GL Renderer : Intel HD Graphics 4000 OpenGL Engine

GL Version : 2.1 INTEL-10.6.33

GLSL Version : 1.20

DebugLogger: no debug extensions found

Warning: No soundfont specified, sound might be mute

Warning: No soundfont specified, sound might be mute

ruby:1:in `eval': Section080:265: syntax error, unexpected ',', expecting ')'

...nsert (BIO_CONFIG[:menu_index], :bio2) unless c.include? (:b...

... ^

Section080:265: syntax error, unexpected ')', expecting keyword_end

...io2) unless c.include? (:bio2)) : c.delete (:bio2)

... ^ (SyntaxError)

EventThread termination requested

RGSS thread ack'd request after 0 ms

Shutting down.


[Process completed]



Hi, thanks for bringing this to my attention! Unfortunately, as I do not own a Mac, I cannot look into this problem myself. Have you checked what happens if you drag the mkxp file to one of the main folders?

Hope it works out for you! RPG Maker is unfortunately still a very windows-heavy software so making it suited for mac is relatively difficult!

Which folder do you suggest?


Have you tried Wine? http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/