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Great little game. I remember playing your game (Hole Back) at Brackeys game jam quite some time ago, I enjoyed it so much, that I followed you. 

looks good

Great demo, but **** you Humongous Hank

Really nice game, has amazing feel and music. It was really hard for me.

Nice little game.

The real challange would be saving others.

Yeah I made it in the last few hours. Maybe in a later version I will implement your ideas.

Great, relaxing game, based on a very creative idea. 

I really liked the mood of your game. The art almost felt professional, the music was very good. I loved the ghosts. The movement wasn't that great and I didn't like the look of the arrow on the beautiful scenery and it was a bit hard to find the correct house. Still a great game. (:

A hard game. One of my bad habits is making insanely hard games, so I can understand it. The sound effects were a bit irritating and some music would be great. I liked the concept and the art.

Is that even hygienic?

Why can I wash my hands while I am holding a bagett? Anyways a great game.

Great game! A bit hard to control, but still amazig.


If anyone has problems with resolution: read the description.

Great game. Great mechanics. The camera has some problems, and some sound would make the game better, but I guess you already know about it. I really liked the art and the animations. The main menu was amazing.

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Great game, a bit too easy. I managed to speedrun it in 1 minute 37 seconds.

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If someone ever got/ gets to the first "boss", please send a reply to this comment. 

It is possible to get past them by just slightly touching the top-left of the button and then going left. Thank you for your review! 

I like how the game mixes 2d with 3d.  It 's a bit hard to move the objects on the buttons.  

Now I have nightmares about holes. (:

My favourite review yet. (: I checked out your game as well, my brother got addicted to it.

PS: Then complete the game on brave difficulty


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Amazing game! "Educative game to practice typing."

Nagyon élveztem a játékodat, több mint 10 próbámba került kivinni ! Kicsit zavaró, hogy a kamerát nem lehet az egérrel mozgatni, így a fekete lyukat sem lehet nagyon megnézni és az ütközések helyenként rosszak. Talán még a zenét hiányoltam, de amúgy nagyon tetszett. Ha van egy kis időd próbáld ki a játékomat. (:

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Your game was fun! It was peaceful and challenging at the same time. Here is mine: A hard and addicting game.

Thank you!

The rings remind me of Sonic.

I will rate your game too. (:

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Great art!!! Simple, but amazing game.

Great art!!! Simple, but amazing. a very hard game

on coward difficulty there are checkpoints.

I have to check this downwell out.

Actually I originally wanted to make a game about fish.

Thank you.

A fun, little game with amazing graphics. here is mine. I will play your game now