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this is super cute, I love it!


damn, amazing what people here are doing with a tool as simple and minimalistic as bitsy

thanks for the reply, I was hoping that that's what this is.  the example image didn't look distorted enough for a panorama to me, but I just tried it out (using photosphereviewer in my browser, in case anybody else reading this want to give it a try without having to download extra software) and it works! great idea!

sorry for being dumb, but is this to help beginners draw images with proper perspective, distance and depth and then save the finished image as a regular jpeg, or does this create a distored jpeg that I can put through a panorama viewer to create one of those semi-interactive 360 panoramic photos/images like on google maps? either way it's a cool idea!

damn this looks good

I think you can, but it's a bit complicated. I'd suggest using something like Peek (for Linux), ScreenToGif (for Windows) or LICEcap (for Windows and Mac) if you want something simpler and more straighforward.

tak is the king/queen/genderless emperor of game pages

sorry Rekka&Devine, I don't know where else to ask this since I don't use twitter - is Ronin ever gonna be available again? it looked so cool in the video and I've been meaning to try it out when I have a little more time on my hands, but it's gone from itch :(

alt f4 works!! thanks! (also, merry christmas!)

hi I'm running ArchLabs and tried installing both the x64 and x86 version via client and neither of them launch :( 

here's the error message I get:

An error occurred while launching Cosmic Everyday
Error: spawn /home/comrade/.config/itch/apps/Cosmic Everyday/ ENOENT

(works great on Windows 10 though!)

Dotgrid community · Created a new topic exit?

uhm dumb question, how do I close dotgrid? I always end up killing it via task manager because I can't figure out the shortcut for "exit", and I suspect that's not how you're supposed to do it. (I remember having similar problems with I think left and ronin, but I don't use them as frequently as dotgrid. ) 

thanks for your great work btw!

shit I wanna join them 

hi, I'm planning on starting a podcast and have been looking into audio editing software, but most of the big name DAWs seem like overkill for what I need, so I was wondering - are there any homebrewed, simple audio tools on here I could use to edit my shit? I saw some really cool music sampling tools with very intuitive user interfaces, I'd love to have something like that instead of Audacity or Reaper with its hundreds of confusing settings, mostly I just want to be able to clean up my audio, put music under some of the talky parts, and maybe sync interviews with time delay.  don't need ogg or flac or opus, just simple clean mp3 and/or wav. Linux, Win10, Android are my preferred platforms. 

any help? 

Hmmm your version of the game seems to be a bit buggy. The tips aren't supposed to be empty, and your mom is supposed to show up on the balcony after you slipped the diary under the door.  Are you playing version eng1.2 ?

I loved this! Just one question, how many endings are there? 

I unlocked all the tips and got three endings (SPOILER: balcony suicide, balcony with mom, getting eaten by "big brother"), is there another one I've missed?