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sorry for being dumb, but is this to help beginners draw images with proper perspective, distance and depth and then save the finished image as a regular jpeg, or does this create a distored jpeg that I can put through a panorama viewer to create one of those semi-interactive 360 panoramic photos/images like on google maps? either way it's a cool idea!

Hi! This app creates distorted 360 images (in equirectangular format) with the necessary XMP metadata injected. Once uploaded to a panoramic viewer, it can be viewed interactively like Google Maps. I've tested it on Facebook, Flickr and some free online photosphere viewers.

For a quick test, you can download the example image and use it on a panoramic/photosphere viewer.

thanks for the reply, I was hoping that that's what this is.  the example image didn't look distorted enough for a panorama to me, but I just tried it out (using photosphereviewer in my browser, in case anybody else reading this want to give it a try without having to download extra software) and it works! great idea!