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Happy to help!

And thank you for your support ^_^

lol thank you :D


Hi! It may not be possible without using Facebook SDK. Some apps deliberately omit the text or the image for unknown reasons, they allow sharing only one of these contents.

Thank you for your support :)

Thank you :D My favorites are also Asset Usage Detector and Inspect+.

You can check out the FAQ entry about requestLegacyExternalStorage in README.txt.

Please check your e-mail, I've replied to your mail.

This was a strange solution but I'm glad that it worked ^^

Happy to hear that :D

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I'm not affiliated with this game; they have probably imported these assets to their Unity project from Asset Store. These assets have been on Asset Store for a long time. You can find a description of each asset in the "Here is a list of my growing number of assets" section.

P.S. You can find the original release date of assets at the bottom of the Releases section in Asset Store.

Looking at the Java classes, I'd say that the NativeGallery and AndroidRuntimePermissions plugins used in this game are my plugins.

Thank you for your kind words :)

Hello there!

With Blocks 360°, use cubes and your imagination to create your own 3D voxel art in minutes! Export your model in glTF 2.0 format to fine-tune it in a 3D modeling app, or simply share it on Facebook as an interactive 3D model!

Available at:


Hi! This app creates distorted 360 images (in equirectangular format) with the necessary XMP metadata injected. Once uploaded to a panoramic viewer, it can be viewed interactively like Google Maps. I've tested it on Facebook, Flickr and some free online photosphere viewers.

For a quick test, you can download the example image and use it on a panoramic/photosphere viewer.


I've been working on a 360° paint application for a long while and its first version is finally released!

Images are injected with XMP metadata and thus, support Facebook and Flickr out-of-the-box.

Available at:

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