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Just played the finished version. Thank you for finishing the game, it was a great experience. I very much enjoyed it! A well deserved second place in the game jam.

Hey Tytan! I just finally got to play your game and have to say: "The Colour Out of Space" has gotten a really interesting interpretation here. As I may have said before, I love Lovecraft stories. For example I loved "Eternal Darkness" very much because of it. It was the reason I bought a GameCube back in the day and the only game I owned for it, lol. So you already got me with this alone.

I was very much disappointed when I reached the mushroom. Not because I didn't know that the game is not yet finished, but because it was so entertaining and suspenseful that I wanted it to let me know how it continues. But I understand, how could I not? My own entry suffered from a lack of time to finish it. :D

At first it was a bit confusing to be starting at day 499 and be then thrown to day 1. But I actually like that really much. The sounds are fitting, the atmosphere is awesome, the graphics are minimalistic yet stylish and satisfying. 

What can I say? I will not be surprised if you get one of the upper spots in the ratings. Because of the really tough competition it will be a hard fight for the first place though. Good luck and very well done! Love it!

This is a gem! I really enjoyed playing this. Played like 7 rounds until I was finally able to survive long enough to build the bunker. There is almost nothing negative about it. Well the ruins thing was not quite clear for me: If you send 10 people out, do they all go for the ruins and risk dying? I avoided those, so I never found out, lol.

Great atmosphere, nice choices on mechanics and balancing. Super well done!

It is an interesting play on the end being near. I never get to finish a task, I only get near to the end, lol.

Thank you for the kind words! <3 Now I am fearful of seeing if you played it on stream. I was tuning in very late today so I will watch it in VOD. I still need to play your game btw. But there are so many games to play, WAAAAH!

This is so far my absolute favourite!! I am a sucker for this type of game. I love TIS-100 by Zachtronics, I think that says it all. Not that your game is exactly like it but for me it has the same vibe. It was so much fun to play around with those numbers. Will surely play it again later.

That was quite fun! I like how responsive it is. Well done!

Hey, this reminded me of "The Long Dark". I wonder if you have played that. Luckily I really enjoyed the long dark, so I also had my fun with this one. It is pretty simple but it has some good atmosphere and "It just works"! Well done! :)

So now I tried it on a different machine with a dedicated graphics card. It works there without problems. The other one was a HP Laptop with i5 8250U Processor and integrated graphics. No idea what is wrong there.

Anyway, the game is pretty fantastic, good fun! Really well done! I still remember the other game I played at the last Jam... Sleepless Kevin, one of my favourites!

I am experiencing the weirdest movement problems in this game and I don't think that this is normal: When I walk into any direction and then look into another direction, it takes a really long time until the movement direction catches up with the change. I was really confused for a while. Will now try and see if there is a fix for that and come back again to report on it.

Hah, those idiots running into my lighthouse rock at ludicrous speed during such weather deserved what they got! 

Atmospheric and pretty fun game!

Cool cool cool!!! thank you! :D

Hey there! Played your game for a while, it has some cute graphics and challenging balloon controls. I was hunting that key down and now Santa hopefully does not lose it again!

Thanks! As I said in another comment here, not sure when I will put the work into finishing this.

Glad you like the idea. :) 

Yeah, it was hard letting an unfinished project go like this. Next time I will cut down on the complexity. :D

Thank you! :D As I said in another comment before, I am not sure when I will continue working on this. But I am pretty sure that I may do it at some point.

Thank you, I will not touch this project for a while now I guess. But I will keep it in the back of my head for later . :)

Btw, the tilesets are by V3X3D:

What an interesting idea! And how well the music fits the visuals and the feel of "being at a graveyard". Love the atmosphere.

That is a fun little game. I was determined to get to the goal! Those dinosaurs surviving and eating my breakfast cereal? I think not!

Oh noooo! :( 

And I thought I got all those pesky bugs...

Hey, this game is pretty fun! :D I got a score of 1079, no idea if this is good :D

Wow, thank you so much, this means a lot!

LOL! I know what you mean with the second drawing app! :D

Thank you for your comment! <3

Well this is a bit sad. I can not rate this game since I will not spend money for a game jam entry. Sorry about that.

Hey, I liked playing your game. The explaining part helped me know what to do. :)

This is a really good entry for being your first game jam. I stumbled upon two things though: 

1. The introduction does not skip to the game automatically when it is over

2. The game did not have an ending for me, it just stopped being playable

Hope to see you in the next game jam again! :D

Thank you!! So happy you like the oldschool look. It was both a choice and a practical design decision since it is pretty easy to do. :D

Thank you very much, loved seeing you play it in your livestream! :) 

Wow, this one is nearly perfect! I needed a few runs until I fully understood how the UI works... like, that you can see where the guests will go next and that you can even see what is in the pipeline. 

The whole idea of trying to not let them see any goo is genius. And the sounds are awesome, lol! Really well done!

What I like the most: the way the points are given for stopping in the center of the portal. This makes is really a skillbased game that allows for competitive play. And that the portals get smaller over time is a good addition and keeps rounds short. Very well done!

It was fun! I would like to vote fun please!

It was also frustrating at times, but that is due to the nature of the game, I guess. But I played through it!

I gotta say, this was a lot of fun for what it was! It was just a bit short. I love minigames! :D 

And by the way, the drawings are first class! And I totally liked the candles coming up during the demon session. The music was very fitting! Taking the trash out was the hardest for me for some reason, lol!!

The giggle of the demon in the painting is so cute.

The atmosphere is brilliant, great storytelling! Loved playing it, the visuals are awesome!


I (CommodoreSixtyFours girlfriend) played today your game. It was great! I currently dream of doing pixelart and give it slightly another look. Maybe a little bit epic and cute together... if you ever want to give it more levels, a proper end and maybe some kind of "high score" (e.g. levels reached), I would be honored if I get the possibility to create some new pixel graphics for it. :)

Greetings from Germany, Briefingdog

I am sorry to say that I am just frustrated. The problem for me is: when I start the game, I can not skip the intro. And when I lose the game, I can not skip the highscore entry. Maybe there will come a point when I do not have to do that anymore, but I did not make it this far. I would have tried many times more if that wouldn't have kept me from it.

Apart from that, the idea is nice and well implemented. Just a little too unforgiving.

Definitely one of the best games in this jam! And it fits so well with the minimalistic theme. Nice lighting, nice levels, great mechanics, overall fun. Great job!

I looked forward to playing your game because it seemed to be a nice challenge. And indeed it was, it was harder than anticipated. It was mostly fair but when the spheres spawn out of view it is slightly harder to get it correctly than when they can already be seen.

As others said, showing the score in the end would have made it better. Maybe even a highscore list would have been nice. Overall really good entry though, enjoyed playing it! :)

I wonder if it is intentional. Do insects give varying amounts everytime? Let's take the first one right at the start: It gives between 16 and 48 points. Sometimes I end up with over 1000 points right after the first 5 insects. But most of the time I just have like 200 points after the first 5. Is this intended?

I am impressed by how little is needed to create an atmosphere that enchants me so much. If you improve the gameplay a bit, it will be great!

I share the view of the others, a very interesting game. Round after rounds, something gets added to it and keeps the player in its grip. At least that was true for me. I will surely give it another try later. And I will tell my girlfriend to try it. :)