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Thank you! Given the subject matter (Misfits songs, which in turn are based on horror and B movies), the game's bad taste was actually meant on purpose.

Very well written, ironic and scary at the same time, good autosave system. Although the puzzles are very simple, the stories atmosphere is very good. Best one in Le Grand Guignol.

I don't like very much Twine, but this was very hilarious! Good!

I have to second stewartcbaker, being not in baseball completely made this game impossible to  me to understand. A pity, it seemed humorous, and the puzzle seemed original.

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A very good sequel to the good "Bloody Raoul". I liked the fact that there are 7 possible endings in just one location and one puzzle, and the really original Saturnine setting, in which what is not said is much more than what is said (to the point you can't say if it's fantasy, SF, cyberpunk, steampunk, you say what), but nevertheless you can feel the crude and merciless atmosphere. Best game in La Petite Morte.

Normally I don't like too much Twine things, but this one is about a topic I can really relate to, and I totally agree with the author, so 3 totally subjective stars