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Just wanted to say I really dug this, it was one of my top three for the whole jam, and I thought it was a completely ingenious use of the limited word count.

D'oh! Thanks for the catch. Full stockings-hiking functionality has been restored.

It's really cool to see horror elements in a milieu that's not contemporary or Western. I was really pleased with the ending. I felt it might have benefited from having a distinct font style for links that were going to unfold on the page versus ones that were going to progress the story.

Really enjoyed this exploration of what's REALLY scary in life: public speaking and dying laptop batteries. The way the story unfurled, becoming increasingly surreal and macabre, was paced perfectly.

I really enjoyed how well this captured the voices and anxieties of teenagers. The sound design is also terrific and adds a lot to the experience.

I really loved how this put me in the headspace you must have been in during that bike trip. At one point, as I clicked "keep riding" again and again and seemed to make no progress, I started to wonder if the game was sending me into a loop and I'd never make it to my friend's house at all -- I felt palpable relief to arrive and get an ending. The prose was also evocative. Like it a ton. Looking forward to your next one!

This was totally wonderful, but now I need to go find something to eat immediately.

It was fun to shovel everything into my cart and then see how many kilos of waste I'd created. Cool little demonstration!

Loved this! Incredible world-building. There were five or six moments where I just had to stop and marvel at the weirdness of an image before moving on. Favourite moment: the cloaks and the Milk of Human Kindness.


If you're in a cyberpunk phase, DEFINITELY check out Gibson. Especially if you can put yourself in the mindset that he was writing this stuff in the '80s, it's really amazing how well he predicted so much of the world today.

This was great! The janky physics made it genuinely fun to run around and bash into things. The opening with the JCVD-style splits cracked me up too.