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We released a patch (v0.3.1) that might fix this issue.

Would you mind testing it again?

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Thank you for playing our game and taking the time to provide feedback. We probably should have added a short tutorial or something to make getting started easier.

As for the map, it is intended to look like this, but we've noticed that Chrome/-ium somehow fails to render the track, unfortunately. About this crash, we would like to look more into it, any chance you could give us some direction on how to reproduce that?

About the trains, we are fairly sure that trains only start moving if commanded to do so. However, we've encountered similar issues, which were generally caused by outdated commands (after editing a train) or accidental edits when switching between trains. Obviously, the user experience is still a bit rough and could use several improvements.

Thanks for playing! Appreciate your time. We released our previous game, which we also developed using Rust (but with gwg), as an open source project. We haven't encountered any issues with gibberish text on our machines, at this point we assume it only affects macOS users. Out of curiosity, did you use macOS by any chance?

Oh, that looks really strange. Sadly, we don't have a Mac at hand and thus can't test/fix it at the moment. Really sorry.

Strange, can you provide us with a screenshot or something. What OS do you have?

Sorry, for the inconvenience, we noticed this too. Maybe you can give it a try in Mozilla Firefox.

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Yep, the speeder is quite hard to get, you really have to hunt it. Try staying at a harbor with the best sail, selling any fish to keep your ship as light as possible (yes, fish weight is considered). Then, wait until the wind is just right and GO where the wind blows! 8.4 is the highest we could get

The achievements actually were a last-minute-thing. We added them just barely before the deadline. Very happy you like them 😀

We tried to include some instructions at the start of the game and also made some effort to make it clear what to do in the game without a wall-of-text-tutorial. Glad you enjoyed the game anyway!

It is! The fishy sounds and the sound track are made from scratch by us. Nice to see you like it!

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Nice to see you like our game! It helps to take in the sails when the wind comes from the opposite direction. We wanted to make the controls a bit challenging, so that you really have to find some tactics to sail where you want. 

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Basically, we used the Godot's rpc system to implement the multiplayer. Multiple server instances are running on our server and waiting for match requests. A matchmaker that we made with Rust is also running on our server and waits for clients. If enough clients have connected, it tells a server instance to start a match.

Once a match has started, each client sends updates to the server instance. The server instance then computes the new game state and sends relevant updates to the clients.

So, you could say it's a classical centralized client-server structure implemented using Godot's rpc system.

Unfortunately, there are no plans for open sourcing Erasterra as we have moved away from Godot towards our own engine.

We're currently working on a blog where we'll regulary give insights to the development of our "Sphere Engine" :)

Thanks for sharing! Great to see Stellary being played and watched :)
Nice compilation of the Sim Jam games!

Thank you! It's great to see that you like the graphics. We focused on the multiplayer because Stellary is so much fun to play with others, that's why we neglected the single player bot.

Hahaha! Be careful :D
You should definitely try multiplayer ;P

Big Merci! We're really happy that you like it.
Using our own technology is kind of challenging, but gives us more freedom.

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Thanks a lot!
Yeah, slingshotting arount the sun needs to be trained ^^

Stellary is a fast-paced artillery game that promises exciting battles and real-time gravity physics. 

Take control of your planet's offensive defense system, aka Stellary! Battle from solar system to solar system in pursuit of a rumored super weapon - all in the name of defense, of course!

Thank you to Team Dogpit for hosting the SimJam 2020! It was our first time to take part in it and it was FUN! Also, we got to know Nick L. Carver who equipped Stellary with great soundtracks and sound effects!