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Ah thank you for giving my game and stories a chance. I'm so glad that you enjoyed this game and very grateful for your comment and rating. Jeth willl be returning for this year's OtomeJam project so I hope you will also try it that game when it's ready! For the endings, I made a loose guide so I hope this is helpful! Best wishes~

Hi JustaOneGirl,

I hope that everything is going well with your University work and that you are getting enough rest. Please try not to stress too much, it's not good for your health!

I'm glad that you enjoyed this mission content, as it was meant to be pretty playful and fun. I'm glad I was able to surprise your expectations a bit, as I do try to mix things up and not let the story get too heavy with constant wars, tragic backstories and stuff. Hopefully it was a good break.

Thank you again for sharing your experiences and interpretations of the events and characters! It's always so helpful for me to see if my words are being interpreted as I intended, as I'm not always the most direct with my writing and characterizations. 

I apologize for the forgotten text in that pendant/ring offering. I decided to re-work the pacing of the bond conversations since the story had been expanded and I forgot to change that information text. I was planning on having these gifts and bonds unlock after the next mission 08. I'm very sorry for that mistake and any confusion it might have caused. The bond 6 conversations will be a pretty hefty amount of text and story in their own right, as well as introducing the bond specific morale skills, so I might try to make a separate update for this added content alone if needed.

Again thank you so much for sharing thoughts with me and I wish you the best!

<3 Jen

Added  Chapter/Mission 7 (over an hour of new content to play

Choose the MC pronouns. 5 Male and 1 Female Companion / romance any many as you want or none and go ace friendship! 

Yay~ I'm glad you can look forward to the LI choices to pick from XD Thanks for voting <3!

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Let's here it for the wholesome softbois! Who says nice guys finish last?

Ahahaha. So very "Ashur". <3 Great job!

Hi Michi! Thanks for voting and participating in the 'campaigning'. Ashur was a dark horse for sure. You get to see him again in the upcoming chapter,  (this time with a voice!) so hopefully there will be no regrets LOL.

Hi JustaOneGirl,

I'm so glad you liked this little celebration of Lor's victory. It was great seeing the supportive replies on the voting devlog post. Ekkoberry and I had a lot of fun with this and his vo had a lot of fun as well. I always appreciate your sharing your thoughts and your enthusiasm. Good luck with your university work! Best wishes~

I love the artwork and GUI! I like how Fern is an artist and alchemist as well as mage. I like magic systems that require investment, cost and crafting. Congrats on finishing for Nanoreno~ Here's a doodle of Sienna!

hey HirayaManwar1, glad it worked for you! No worries at all for asking. I'm happy to answer. I hope you can enjoy the story.

Have you tried consulting with watermage? At some point he should suggest for you to visit the Temple and make a tithe. Afterwards, Samuel should appear in the Fortune Shop. Let me know if this works or if you are still stuck! Thanks so much for trying out the game!

Oh thank you so much for the positive energy! This did totally make my day :D I'm so happy that you look for the updates! And that you were able to play through these missions without any pesky bugs and that you enjoyed the most recent conversations with the companions. I'll keep working diligently and hope you will check again at the end of April for the next mission! <3 best wishes!

Hi Fortunastreet,

Thank you again for sharing your "fairy" tale! It was very funny and entertaining for me to read. I agree that I definitely should fix the crafting menus. It's not really needed until late, late game so I guess it was more just putting it there as a placeholder lol. And I should probably rework all the shop type menus in general, as they are super clunky. I'll have to sit with it for a while for sure. It will go on my list of things to do. And thank you for pointing out the Ren'PY tool tip description! I just left in what Ren'Py ships with there. oopsie.

Hi Mooglerampage,

I appreciate you taking the time to try out my game and share your thoughts. You gave me a lot of good food for thought. I'd like to say some of the issues that you have with combat are improved as the game progresses but that doesn't matter if the player never makes it there and I can see where the beginning especially has issues.  I could give more tools and units to the player from the start, but it sort of doesn't make sense with the story and negates some of the sense of progression I was aiming for. I will read over your comments more and think about where I can make improvements. Thanks again very much!

Hi JustaOneGirl,

I look forward to reading your thoughts on these updates so thank you again very much for sharing! I'm always looking at the characters and events as the creator, so it's always really fun and interesting to learn about your perspective. Sorry for the bugs! Ack, I think I focused on testing the war more than the convos as you'd think that would be pretty standard by now from a programming POV haha. Still prone to little mistakes and typos apparently. I thought I had checked/played through all of the update content but I guess I forgot to check all the dialogue options. Thank you for finding these bugs/errors! I will definitely fix them by the next build. Also I am doing well, thank you so much for your well wishes. This month's earlier release is a good indication that my life is back on track haha! <3

Hi Fortunastreet, 

I considered your feedback and made adjustment in the current build. It is also suggested that player recruits a (non-water) mage for the rear postition and levels bonds to 2. Thanks again for trying out my game!

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Hi hope you dont mind that I did a let's play. 

I posted all my review playthroughs on my youtube @

hi atlas fun,

Thanks for giving my game a try.  There are more skills that that cost 1 - 5 mana. The main strategy is around the rps bonuses that the player gets access to 20+ units to choose. From feedback I'm getting it seems not fun at the start but I'm not sure how to change that. It gives me food for thought. Boss I can do something about by switching out the party composition for larger player advantage. Thanks again so much for the suggestions and sharing your thoughts. 

I also had to go to an earlier version. I went with 1.1 just to be safe.  Everything seemed to run fine on that version. One suggestion I'd make is that there was a lot of characters introduced in a short time, so I think having their names displayed when talking would be helpful for the player to remember. I very much appreciate that the story driving forwards and throws you right into things without unnecessary hand holding, but it's hard to feel sympathetic to the characters when they are constantly moving forward often a bit recklessly. Maybe some banter sprinkled in or other way to give the characters moments to speak that showcase their unique personalities?

Hi there, I hope you don't mind that I made a Let's Play video.

Hi there,

I hope you don't mind that I made a Let's Play video.

Hi there,

I'm  not sure if it's just me but I got an error when I tried to run it. couldn't find img/system/Windows_other.png

Hi there, 

I was really interested in looking at this game more closely, as I have a long time love of 2D fighting games (from an animation/frame data perspective as I'm garbage at playing them T_T) but unfortunately I seemed to be unable to get past the character select screen (maybe I don't have a second player input?) as I wanted to at least check out the move sets from an animation/hitboxes/visual clarity pov. From what I could see from the video footage, I notice that the characters look very "floaty" especially in their jumping actions. I would suggest looking up "anticipation" and "follow through" as animation techniques. basically when characters jump, they need to build up force to take off (this is similar to a wind up for pitching a ball) so crouching a bit to "spring" into the jump will convey a visually more natural looking motion and sense of weight and gravity. The same with landing from a jump, there should be follow through to convey the change in motion/momentum.  Basically to convey forceful or weight you need these things and the more "powerful" the sense of force being exterted, the more these need to be exaggerated to "sell" the idea visually. This is especially challenging to convey in fighting games when there is a technical aspect to cramming all this information visually in a gameplay mechanic that is dependent on frame counts (one of the reasons many 'light pokes' tend to look super weird when motion captured) but thats one of the reasons I love it so much when it's done well. Sorry I can't rate your game or talk more specifically, I hope this is helpful and not overly critical as I don't understand the context from playing, just impression from video footage. Other than that the set play looks pretty fun and I like the agressive heavy tools for extending pressure and setting up oki.

Hi there, thanks so much for trying out my game. I think maybe I need to make my own custom options screen for battle instead of using ren'py built in dialogue menu to solve that problem with the lag before turn action. I'll play around with it. Thanks so much for the suggestion!  

Thanks so much for playing my game on your stream! My own kid is old enough now that they have their own computer set up next to mine (to make their own games) but I sure wasn't getting much uninterrupted time at my computer when they were younger so I totally sympathize!

Thank you very much for trying out my game. I started learning how to make simple VN games with Ren'PY since I come from an art and writing background. Trying to expand and add more game play mechanics.

Hi there, thanks for giving my game a try! I like your suggestions and I think I can go back and shave off some of the grindiness all around. Showing the bonuses as a hover option might be kind of hard for me but I think I could add a calculate bonus button to give the player a preview before they confirm deploy.  Thanks again very much! 

Hi there! Admittedly I was confused at what to do at first but once I got the hang of it, it was very engrossing and fun! I like how the bars show progress, so I'm wondering if there's a way to access that information other than clicking on each building seperately? Maybe even a popup notification to tell you when something is done? It could end up being a lot, as the pace was pretty fast. I was just kept too busy queuing them up for production so I didn't feel I could pry myself away from that to scout the rest of the map. I did like however that the pace was nice and fast enough that it didn't feel too long even when I lost lol. Is there anyway to tell how much health/defense our base has before its destroyed?

I really like the style of this game. My only suggestion is that I would've played more if I wasn't so terrible at it. Maybe an easy mode for slow people like me XD;;?

Hi there! The character art was pretty nice and the pacing was pretty good and kept me engaged until the end of the demo! My only suggestions would be that it's a bit strange when the dialogue text overlaps the sprite and it'd be nice to have name boxes to know for certain who is talking or thinking. 

Hi there! I hope you don't mind that I made a let's play video.

I enjoyed the art, combat system and premise of this game. I did find the pratice battle to be very confusing though and I'm glad the actual battles in the game were a lot more intuitive than that. I'd suggest removing the practice battle all together or replacing it with a full team and active enemies. Otherwise there's a lot of dead time and the movement of the one unit doesn't make any sense without context. Just that impression alone could stop a potential player from trying out the real battles, which would be a terrible shame because I quite enjoyed those.

Hi Fortunastreet,

I think that it's also perfectly valid if you want to keep the artwork as it is for your own personal reasons. I should preface that it was just something I, a random stranger, had a random opinion about XD;; At the end of the day most of us are just doing this for our own fun and you should do what you feel is best. If it sounds like a fun challenge to recreate the image yourself and see where you can polish it a bit more, then you should! But if it seems like tedious/annoying/frustrating/expensive, then maybe not. 

ah I thought about this and agree with you. Unfortunately the layout was kinda bad though so I think I implemented it best I could. Thanks again for another good suggestion ! 

Hope you don't mind me posting this lets play here I just thought I'd throw this out here in case anyone else was interested in seeing the game play and super cute story from POV of a fellow momdev

also this video is from earlier version so some fixes may be made since!

Hi Sheninja, I hope you don't mind I made a Let's Play. overall everything seemed to work fine. I was a bit confused by some of the outcomes o

f choices were  a big leap but it was also funny for being kind of wtf? lol. 

I liked the setting of the game and the combat system seemed to go deep. I found the characters passives to be really funny and a nice touch of extra personality. One suggestion I would make is I notice the quality of the character art in your thumbnail is not as well rendered as the growing up sequence art of Angel in game. I think this is a really missed opportunity, as you should try to put your very best visuals up front to attract people to click on your game page. 

Hi SilverDazeDev, 

Thank you so much for taking the time to give my game a go and provide feedback! I really appreciate that you also prepared live test notes, and I found that very fun and interesting to read. I did run into some issues that I think may have to do with me making Ren'Py  do things that it's not made for (I was limited in the battle animations, as it seemed to drop frames if I tried to add more? I will look over your notes in more detail and try to experiment with frames a bit more) I'm also still learning at programming so I'm sure my scripts not being optimal are probably also a problem LOL. Thank you again very much, I really do appreciate it!