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They could maybe do with flashing? might make them easier to spot as they do hide a bit when they are first seen.

Glad you had a good romp pal, thanks for playing!

As did everybody haha. Glad you liked the cheesy voice acting. Wish I had the time to keep it consistant but sadly no.

Thank you very much for playing :)

The second boss has way too much health as I felt the game lacked content with only the first boss(although I will note quality over quantity here and I can let you figure out where my mistake). 

Glad you got some enjoyment out of my cheesy voice overs :P (I'm so proud of that jingle haha) . For some reason throughout all of my games I really can't help but  do silly voice overs. In game like this where it doesn't take itself too seriously I think it does give that sort of humourous cringe.

Thanks for playing dude :)

I'd love to make some more bosses as well haha. Was hoping for atleast two but due to how much I ended up learning while doing this I only ended up getting one done. Used a bit of my remaining time to make the prime fight. Worst bit is it hides my favourite recorded voice line outside of the jingle :P Thanks for playing dude

Game kind of reminds me of Sanctum if it went a bit loopy. The effects and area looks very nice. Maybe having a slight light increase might help to showcase it a little better. I was trying to look at some of the grannies but there wasn't enough light to really do it which is a shame because the graphical quality is where this game shines. The mix of the combo system and the effect of the flamethrower felt awesome to use and the super weapon really worked with the over the top theme.

My only real complaint was that it felt like they didn't increase fast enough. Due to having only one enemy type it starts getting a little repetetive but on the whole It us a game where the polish is oozing out of it.

Super cool idea. A little confusing to start but when you get a hang of it your golden. I didn't feel like holding them in the cells did much but I could be mistaken. Fantastic art and sound!

Fantastic artwork. Some of the monsters are very chilling.  Only problem I found was that the smaller guy would sometimes spawn on top me. Get a very good BoI vibe from this game.

The game has a great concept. The main issues i've found is that the mouse cursor doesn't feel like it lines up very well and it's not quite clear that your suppose to use the blocks to kill them(I kept firing sticky bombs at the enemy) . With a bit more time in the oven this has the potential to be something super cool. Def recommend trying some stuff with the rigibodies. There's alot of cool functions there that might help.

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Found the controls a bit to difficult to navigate although I most likely do suck as well. Maybe a slight boost to the flight power as it kind of feels when you lose ceartin wings you lose too much flight power. The game is beautifully done and the sounds completely authentic. The game really captures the feel of an old GBA game and the polish is fantastic. The mechanic is super unique.

I forgot to put in a pause menu so you could quit half way through. The character has excessive force at points which is causing that, sadly couldn't figure out how to neutralise properly without the character being hella janky.

Ty for comment. I highly apperciate the play!

Game is nice and simple and has very much the pick up and play vibe. The only problem I had was that some of the visual stuff was hard to differenciate from each other at times.

I relate to detective dog on a spiritual level. The visuals were awesome and your take on humour gives the game fantastic legs to stand on... or paws... Should prob say paws.

I'd love to play this game in a LAN party. This game is a lot of fun with a very fair AI. Would be nice if you could call in over units. Maybe controller support for it's twin sticky nature would be good as well. Fantastic romp.

Enjoyed this greatly. Did goop with somebody which may of made the game abit of a slap fest but the idea is super neat. I can see why Seth was saying it's a systems game now :P Good work bros!

Thank you for playing! I really enjoyed doing that as a little silly things. For my terrible singing voice it turned out pretty nicely. Thanks for playing!

The game feels fantastic to play. Love the idea of all them tounges sticking you to the field. Wish I had friends to play with.

The water dudes remind me of the drones from Crash Tag Team Racing. I love this game just wish I had a friend to play with. Async gameplay gives this game a great feel. Maybe controller support would be a perfect additon to the game for it.

That game was bonkers. Good bit of silly fun. I kept getting stuck on the trees but aside from that it's a good pick up and play game. Would play this on a lunch break defo.

There is a lot of nice touches that make this game awesome. The game reeks charm. The wall jumping can feel a bit weird at times but that stuff is hard to do in 48hr. Good Job pal!

It simply does what it is designed to do. You can't blame him for being him dammit :P