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This is very nice.

Very nice story telling. That devil was so scary. Good Job!

I like the grayscale palette and the particles, I think that music and the sound effects would be nice in a next version.

I Like the glitchy theme and the art style, Good Job!. 

I like the theme, I feel that was very hard even in normal mode, at least for me :D

Nice game, the main character rotation is too fast for me. :) Greetings!

Thanks for playing! :D

I really like that visuals!, Nice synth by the way. :) 

I like this concept, the slingshot works very good!. Well done. 

I like this kind of graphics, nice color scheme, I love the music, Good Job!. 

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Very funny game!, nice concept. Very XP. :D

Very nice game, I love the folk music. :D

Very crazy bugs, very Intentional. I figured out the ceiling clue, but had to read the walkthrough for the left + right + x thing. Cool.

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Very Satisfying game, very cool background. I think that a kind of frenzy music would improve the game experience. Well made!.

I am quite active today playing your games. Leave your link below.

This is my game, if you want to try it.

Thank you so much!.

Hello!, I have 2 years learning on my own how to be a game developer. 

▽FUSE Is my game for the Wowie Jam 2.0!.

It feels Amazing to have finished this challenge.

Thank you and good luck for everyone!.

I like the document eating feature and the music. 

"Snake games are always a classic".

Hi Zoks, Thaks for playing ▽FUSE, Some aspects of the game will be improved very soon, thank you for your honest feedback. 

I really love the fact that enemies can be turn to a  happy mode.

The neon effects, particles and that machine gun are so good. :D

By the other hand, honestly, I feel like so much colors are involved, maybe a limited color scheme helps.


Don't worry :)

Nice levels, I really liked the platform that has the tree. :D

I really love the atmosphere, a very nice color scheme. Well done!

Cool game Name by the way.

I like the Almost fly by jumps mechanic, I would remove the action with mouse. :) 

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Try to use Double Charged Jump (Hold Jump and release,  In the air: very quickly hold again and release). 

Very spooky main character, it's fun to see the explosion when you die. :D

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Hi Abken! Thank You for your feedback. I hope to improve the game very soon. Checkpoints are the most requested feature until now.


I really like the Art Style, very simple but distinctive. Nice Job.!

Good Puzzle game!. Nice Song, very sticky. Well done.

I really love that Error Platform feature. Well made!


PD: The music would be more immersive if you remove the drums.

I like the color scheme and some visual effects, I think that the game needs some intructions at beginning. Nice work.

I like the relaxing music, the mechanics and the cool gameplay, very solid entry!. 

Cool game! I Like that you can select differents weapons. :D

Hi Vel!, Thanks for playing. I will add more clues to avoid this problem. Regards!.

I really like the granny character, this took me by surprise. Very Nice!

I Really like the art, I love the main character. :)

I like the sound and the slighly camera movement when the rubbish collides with wall. :)

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void Update() {

Thank you so much Leonardo Fraga;


Im really glad that you finished the game.

It was a challenge to manage the time dev well, it was impossible for me to define more the theme. 


I like this entry, very aggressive turrets, I love the hexagons. Well Done!.

I really love this character. Well done!.