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Yes, just follow the guidelines written under License :)

Hi all, here I released 154 items I've been making over the past 2.5 years for my game project. The items are 64x64 px png files with transparent backgrounds.


The pack contains items such as tools, fruit and food items, maps, minerals and ores, ingots, logs and wood items, glass vials, buckets, pots, and other crafts. Below is a collection with most of the items illustrated:

And a full, organized overview:

I expect to update it occasionally, with new items and improvements, as I put differnet amounts of effort into them.

This is a great collection with a lot of variety - thanks for publishing them for free! I especially like Beach Holiday and Beneath the Mountain, which create a lot of atmosphere (though very different ones). I have used both of them in my project.

Lands of Languages

Yes :)

Amazing! Will definitely use these!

I think one of the best ways to get ideas for games is to play games. I played games many years before I started coding. Pokémon on GameBoy, SimCity, strategy games, World of Warcraft, Minecraft and lots of others, which had different elements that inspired me to make some game projects. I think if you enjoy playing some games, you will probably find some elements from them that you enjoy (maybe a levelling system, abilities, crafting, exploration) or maybe some story or environment from the games could inspire you.

This is a collection of monsters and real world beings I drew for my game project over the past 2 years or so. The style and quality varies, but some of them might be useful.

Format: 64x64 png files


License: CC BY-SA 4.0

Overview with a generic grassy background:

Example of some beings present within an RPG world:

I overlooked that, thanks! I've done it now.

This is full of great tunes, with a lot of variety, thanks for making them public for free! I used Bossa Nova Tokyo and Chill Electric Background for indoors environments, Disinformation Theme for deep caves, Field Stars and Peace Forever for night themes, and Winter Hip Hop, Jungle Groove, Time Stands Still and Storm Desert for different biomes in my game Lands of Languages. :)

The images are small, most of them are 64x64 and the png format gives them small file sizes.

Hi! :) I released some free tiled RPG graphics assets here, which I've been drawing over the past 2 years for my game project.

The quality and style varies, some of it was made pretty quickly and might get improved later on, but I think you might find at least some of it useful. Generally I aim for a realistic and a bit vibrant style. There are 103 tiles, 64x64 px in size, which represent different terrain/surfaces and blend with their own type by the edges. Additionally there are 322 objects, which can be the size of one or multiple tiles. These represent trees, buildings, stones, ores, chests etc. and have transparent background, so they can be rendered on top of the tiles.

Here are some illustrations of the tilesets in use:

And finally a preview of the tiles and objects below (note the larger objects are scaled down in the preview):

I've searched a lot of places for free RPG-suitable music, and this is definitely one of the best collections I've found. It works very well for calm environments like forests or grasslands and I used it for these kinds of biomes in Lands of Languages.

[Lands of Languages]

I use GIMP. Usually I start by drawing the sprite outline with the solid edge pencil tool in a single color, or maybe a few colors if I know some parts should have different colors. Then I use the paintbrush tool for texturing (except very sharp features). I usually use lighten/darken only, or similar modes are useful to stay within the shape (but of course there are other ways to do that). With the different brush types and opacities, you can quickly create many kinds of textures with this. Finally I do shading by choosing very dark/light colors for the brush, usually a very low opacity and the darken/lighten only modes. Sometimes I use layers when complex shapes overlay (like leaves and snow on trees).

At least that's what I feel is a good method when I have time (I have also made pixelated crabs and stuff in Paint).

Great work, thanks for making the music available for free! Finding Wonderland, Floating in Stars and Keeper's Keys give off some pretty interesting atmospheres. I used four of the tracks from this pack for my game Lands of Languages, so feel free to send me any contact info if you're interested in a free copy!

Hi! Thanks for making this music available for free! I used a cave and a night theme for my game Lands of Languages, so you can just let me know some contact info if you're interested in a free copy of it.

Great work, thanks for sharing! I used Magical Forest for my game Lands of Languages, so feel free to share any contact info if you're interested in a free copy!

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Lands of Languages (link) is an RPG for learning language vocabulary. In LoL you explore a procedurally generated world inhabited by wild beings. These can be captured and trained in battles involving translation challenges. There are verified translation challenges currently in English, Danish, Chinese, and a few in Vietnamese and German.

In addition to the game, a 69 minute soundtrack (link) has also been made public. This is licensed under Creative Commons and has melodies for different types of RPG environments.

A trailer for the game has also been made public here. Finally, here is also an image illustrating an environment in the game world.