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haha funny megalovania:
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woah that looks good 

There's a secret 4th ending btw

That's the point. I reccomend using quick shioting weapons like fire for movement. Also, weapons that move you in the direction you shoot are pretty useful.

that's because it's a pokemon song

Look at him and tell me God is fake

there's an expanded version coming out soon

haha you're soo funny

I'll be making a full version of TBB soon with  more interesting gameplay soon, and maybe a couple extra side stories.

This is really well made, good job!

The whole point of this game jam (and many others) is only knowing what the theme is when it starts?? Just because a jame you did before told you previously doesn't mean every jam has to.

I feel like I know the answer here but can we solo make one game and help with art/music on someone else's?

I'm an absolute wimp that can't handle horror games and jumpscares at all, but I still want to explore the backrooms. I know there's a Free Mode, but does it still have the entities that game over you?

This would be good, but the engine doesn't support turn based battles sadly.

I think their might be, one time I saw a door in the room with the clock after feeding the cat but accidentaly left and when I went back it was gone

Also, I want to clarify, I don't expect people to do my jam for me, I'm just asking for ideas to come with a concept around. 

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I'm going to use RPGPlayground to make an RPG game for the jam, but I don't know what I could do as the mechanic swap. The engine currently doesn't have a save file feature, so that could be the removed feature, but I don't find that very fun. 

I believe they meant time travel

I would buy this game if I could, but I'm poor and I only own a chromebook so I wouldn't be able to run it anyways. Still, keep up the amazing work!

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I have discovered that HTML files can be reimported, but Lettenum is stll reverted to the last update, to this barebones version you see here. This is the only public-bound game that got saved.

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It's All Gone. This is the only trace left of Lettenum, of any of my own personal projects. My computer broke. I lost everything. I tried getting back in to download the archives. They're all deleted, lost with the recovery that did nothing to help. One day, I may reboot Lettenum from scratch, or find an old archive I made, but for now, it's gone. I will not delete this page.

b e a n s

Very good agme but at one point I died on a spike and got sent waay farther back than I should of, and couldn't get back because to get where the spike was I went on a moving platform.

Great game! I can't beat level 11 though. The game has a great concept, and would benefit greatly from a sandbox mode!

Twine but that limitls you to text

Ah yes, my favourite couple, Shadow Demon and Tree

This game makes me go


I love this game

I suprisingly seem to choose a lot of the better answers, most the game i've been in the upper third of all three bars

If a verified youtuber enjoys it, I guess I will!

Is this because you're excited about 0.1? Because I am!



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I'm looking for an artist that can help with drawing cards for a card game. Any aesthetic will do,from pixelart to hyper-realism (except maybe not hyper-realism). I haven't quite come up with the cards yet, but they'll be done soon.  Message me on itch or discord (Egg#4280 )(let me know if you can't find me using this, I'm new to discord)

The graphics section is in, but the others aren't wich really sucks because my game was not in anyway going to make that list as it was text based. When are the other sections coming in?

This game was, funnily enough, going to be made into a CYOA-RPG (Chose Your Own Adventure RPG)! Also, Inventory, keys/doors, levelling up and stats are all implementable! In fact: Heres a (very minor)spoiler: Later in the game you meet other letters! They join your party, which increaces the overall stats you have, as well as giving you a new, more overpowered(yet costly) spell for each Letter!

So, when my game was released a lot of people seemet to enjoy it and wanted e to continue it as a full game, which I was a;ready planning to do. So, I was thinking, is there anythig you would like to see in the game? (Online/Multiplayer features are impossible in my engine, sorry! I would use them if I could.)

Plus, I worked with what I had. He had a sprite editor he could use but he used defaults instead. I don't think using defaults should get any points. The only reason I don't have graphics is my engine doesn't ALLOW it, its a text-based-game engine.

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|: | He didn't draw any of his own sprites, if you go to, click create, press new sprite and look through the lirary, all the sprites he used are straight from that.

An expanded version is already being worked on, don't worry!