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RPG Mechanic swap ideas?

A topic by CodderDude created Jan 10, 2021 Views: 246 Replies: 4
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I'm going to use RPGPlayground to make an RPG game for the jam, but I don't know what I could do as the mechanic swap. The engine currently doesn't have a save file feature, so that could be the removed feature, but I don't find that very fun. 

Also, I want to clarify, I don't expect people to do my jam for me, I'm just asking for ideas to come with a concept around. 

I'm not participating in the jam but here is an ideia for a rpg swap in turned base battles, whenever you enter battle instead of fighting with the "heroes" team, you fight with the enemy team and you can only choose between a few special abilities that have no description only funny names. Your final objective would be allowing the heroes to win the battle whilist you control the villains and have absolutely no sense of what their skills do. This would work great in a funny game or in a very dramatic game.

This would be good, but the engine doesn't support turn based battles sadly.


if your using gdevelop i can make a homemade turn based battle system