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A horror game, but with full lights on! · By IEP_Esy

Are there entiies in Free Mode?

A topic by CodderDude created Jan 20, 2021 Views: 1,212 Replies: 7
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I'm an absolute wimp that can't handle horror games and jumpscares at all, but I still want to explore the backrooms. I know there's a Free Mode, but does it still have the entities that game over you?


nope, also no time limit or exit. Just explore

oh thats why nothing happened to me

does free mode allow you to go the entirety of the backrooms or is there no way out aside from exiting the game? like could you get to the last level of free mode?

Well, the whole game currently, is only level 0. And in free mode, you can't escape level 0, you can only explore it.

but does it go on forever? like can I explore forever and it turns into different areas? or does it end at some point?

you can explore forever, but it doesn't change.

so no jumpscares?