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The Nautilus

A member registered Sep 04, 2021

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loved playing this game... even if it was just for fun... I had a blast :) excellent story, intricate level design and all the feels :)

 had a blast playing this game :) shared it on my youtube channel where I played it:

anytime :)

played this game for my YouTube channel and had a blast in the process. loved the scrolling of the words and the unique artwork... here's the video :)

but does it go on forever? like can I explore forever and it turns into different areas? or does it end at some point?

does free mode allow you to go the entirety of the backrooms or is there no way out aside from exiting the game? like could you get to the last level of free mode?

this was terrifying... screw you corpsepile... great game damnit.

just played this game, it was very well done and had me on the edge of my seat... video of the lets play here:

excellent demo! I can't wait for the full game to be released :) played the game for my youtube channel and shared the game so it would blow up, here's the video: 

I had to watch a walkthrough to get past it... it's not as easy as you think...

this game almost made me rage quit... check out my breakdown in this nearly 40 minute video...

another impressive game with an unparralled story and visuals! just uploaded the gameplay of it...

anytime :)

played this game for my youtube channel to get it more love... had a blast playing it!

just played this game in full and had the best time doing so... check out the video here!

just played this game for my gaming channel! had a blast playing, easily one of my favorites on this site... here's the video: 

it's not a problem, I played it for my YouTube channel so that you could get more traction to it. The channel is called The Nautilus Game Show! check out my gameplay when you get a chance. Excellent start to a game, I want like 50 more levels :)

Hey there, excellent game! played the first act and had a blast, but it's saying that alpha access is required to play the other two acts? what does that mean? I got the feather in the first act beat the act... why can't I play the other acts?

I did a lets play of this game if anyone wants to check it out :) I'll leave a link in this comment :) my letsplay!!

one of the game developers just left a comment on my youtube video of me playing this game! a guy named Simone Naldini, and asked me to share it here... so I will :)

my youtube video!