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A really well polished and succinct small game. As expected from a Fangsoft game... it's the tone and music that remain a stand out for me. Whilst the game is short, I also see improvements in writing, set up and overall structure.

There may be bugs to iron out, but that's more in line with the fact the developer has constructed their own engine for this piece - and not a mark against the content itself. 

It's adorable. I was smiling the whole time, and the world needs more of that.

I am approximately 50% of the way through The Lonely League with a game clock of ~10 hours. I feel I've played more than enough to state that this is worthy of your time, particulary if you enjoy the source material the game is based off of.

I don't normally play Tactics RPG's - I've never found one where the story has gripped me enough to endure the lengthly battles that accompany the genre. This is not the case with LL -- the story continues to intrigue, and that for me is one of Calunio's biggest strengths.

Regarding the battles themselves... On occasion, I'm uncertain as to whether my success is based on pure luck, or good strategy. A fine balance of these two things is often challenging to hit, and not all players will be happy with Calunio's approach - since it can ramp up the difficulty somewhat. However, if you persist and search for new and alternative ways to tackle each situation - you'll bank the rewards.

FInally, the game is a visual delight with a lot of care and attention to detail that follows and builds from Calunio's previous works (THERAPIST: Mind Manager) - I appreciate this a lot. I cannot stress enough the charm that has gone into The Lonely League. I adore the cut-scenes (that sometimes have these neat little interactive parts) and the emotional beats between scenes. It's an all-round great package.

Oh yeah, fantastic music selection too. 

Hello! Am I able to create similar chars with this tool, to those smaller sprites found in the Omega Modern Graphics Pack? Thanks for all you do :)

Thank you so much for playing! There'll be more Ever, Skye and Constance soon :) <3 

Ooh. If you hang in there -- after a few attempts -- you'll definitely create a universe with life :)
Thank you for playing! <3 

Thank you!! I hope you consider it, as I often find it interesting to get some insight into people's development processes! :) 

Ayy, thanks for playing, riggy :) <3

Congratulations guys :) Well deserved for this very polished experience. 🥇

Thank you! <3

Hello! Thanks for making a neat tool for quickly being able to see help files! I was wondering if you'd consider an option to increase the text size for people more visually impaired? 

#StickSupremacy! Had a really good time hehe, was not sure what to expect but I definitely had fun :)

Aw thank you! :) I'm glad you really liked the characters, they were fun to write! <3

Grandia & SNES vibes. Can't wait to play. <3

Charming game that left me wanting a little more towards the end, but understood the developer was pushed for time. Good attention to detail during each curated scene which I always appreciate, and I feel like this was something a bit different from other titles I'd played in this jam. 

The differences from other games I'd tried came across through the battle system, which is more akin to the Undertale style. I wasn't too great at it, and sometimes it was just a bit too quick for me, but I did have fun - and that's the main thing :) 

I think you've done an excellent job with character building and that's definitely to be celebrated in such a short project like this. I'll admit the expectation was already there for me, as I've tried other works from the dev -- character development is definitely one of their strong points.

The show must go on!

Lovely first impressions vid! You just had to keep winding time back a little more to fix that container, but I could've done a wayyy better job with fleshing out that puzzle and explaining things better. Definitely useful feedback.

Special shoutout to your neighbours - they're definitely great friends.

Really lovely maps and character sprites. Great OG Resident Evil vibe. Nice detailing in the visuals, none of that went unnoticed. I would've liked more flavour text from inspecting areas/objects - making me feel like I could explore just a bit more and get more invested in the world :) I can see a lotta potential, for sure.

Hi Drifty, I agree with most of your criticisms here! Thank you for taking the time to put out this feedback - much appreciated :)

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Thanks for your thoughts, Indrah. And I do appreciate you streaming this and all of the games so far in the IGMC!

It's a shame you didn't catch the hook or connect with the characters, as it seems others opine that this is the biggest strength of the game (along with the music selection).

I would've loved to have continued so that it wasn't so short, but since development began halfway through the jam, I felt it was better to have a polished 30 minute experience than a 1 hour rushed one. I'm glad you liked the presentation and general direction of the game -- I think with more love and depth it could be something more people might enjoy.

Good luck in the contest and I look forward to catching you in future streams!

Thanks for your thoughts, Indrah. And I do appreciate you streaming this and all of the games so far in the IGMC! 
It's a shame you didn't catch the hook or connect with the characters, as it seems others opine that this is the biggest strength of the game (along with the music selection).

I would've loved to have continued so that it wasn't so short, but since development began halfway through the jam, I felt it was better to have a polished 30 minute experience than a 1 hour rushed one.

I'm glad you liked the presentation and general direction of the game -- I think with more love and depth it could be something more people might enjoy.

Good luck in the contest and I look forward to catching you in future streams!

Hi TheLastYuriSamurai,
I absolutely agree with all of your critique points here - I agree that battles could have more challenge, and the puzzle is a bit too tricky (though that is definitley why I put in the skip option!). All in all, I'm really glad you had a good time with the game, and I very much appreciate your comment :) Keep making great games, and I'm sure we'll cross paths again after the jam!

My partner and I enjoyed going through this opening as we both like cinematic experiences that are story-rich. I hope you continue with it because I see there's an even bigger story here. :)

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Spoilers: We enjoyed it :) 
Keep making games :D

I played this game last night with my partner and we had a good time with it. We both very much appreciated the visuals and the overarching story. The whole 'MRA' thing is a neat idea, and I enjoyed the commentary around themes of equality. 

I thought battles were visually impressive and enjoyable, though a little too difficult at the beginning. The first couple of battles should be a breeze when easing players into fights, and I felt they were a bit tricky - especially with not many items to heal with (though I understand you do have the skills you can generate). I think battles just needed some further balancing - that's all!

All in all, we enjoyed it, and I think you had a personal and important story to tell... So I really hope you keep going :)

Aah, thank you kindly for the lovely review, Benny :)

I really enjoyed watching the VoD playthrough of 'Ever, In Time' and I think your critique was very fair and balanced - I learnt a lot from it. This was my first time using the RMMV battle system, and I think that shows given that I definitely kept things simple in that department. 

I'm glad you found the slightly-tucked-away terminal so that you could complete the puzzle, and that it was appropriately challenging. On reflection, maybe I should've had all 5 computers in a row to give that more visual clarity. 

I'm pleased you referenced my onboarding methods! I'm a big fan of easing players into your game, and teaching them how to play without information overload - it's something I strive for quite a lot in my game design. I want people who don't normally play video games to not feel intimidated, and RPGs are typically quite an intimidating genre for non-gamers -- and what a shame, because they hold some of the most wonderfully touching stories in our medium.

In my own self-critique I've determined that I could've done a better job explaining Tonic's motivations -- why they're nefarious etc. And just gone a bit deeper into the connections between these 3 friends and the villian. I think I would've had I not started this jam so late.  

Flipping from this cute look back to Dog Eat Dog: Scam to Survive development sure is a trip :)

Thanks again, friend <3

Yeah! Sound design is something I'm always keen on experiencing in video games and you did an excellent job. Look forward to the possibility of a bigger release of Capsule Monsters in the future! <3

Oh no problem, we all start somewhere, and it's great you're gonna update it after the jam :) 

I struggled with the puzzles, but to be fair, I'm not particulary great at puzzles anyway! I did love the art. I wish I could've seen more examples of it because the rooms in the home were really well done with a good use of lighting. Good job, and I hope you continue development with it. 

Sound design was decent and I appreciate a lot the effort into the custom art. Some polish and editing needed in the dialogue, I felt! But otherwise a good entry for a jam.

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Something pretty about this mapping style, seems to hit all the right places and I can see a lot of time has been spent making this look very striking - really like that. I would however consider brightening them up a bit - sometimes it is just too dark to see! There's some emotional weight to the story too that I personally found very capitvating :) fantastic job! 

This is visually really impressive. Love the animations for both the character and the enemies. I can see so much love in the aesthetic and visual side of things. I only wish that there was music and sound effects - without them, it can make a game feel really flat, unfortunately. The first area is a little challenging to my tastes - I'd prefer to be eased in a bit more, but nevertheless, once I got to the second area, I found that my computer just couldn't seem to handle the game very well. I hope you spend more time on the game because there's great potential here!!

You got it <3

Hi Michael Primo!

Thank you very much for playing 'Ever, in Time', I really appreciate it :) I'm glad you liked the music, dialogue and characters - I think that's probably where I spent the most time... Which is why I would definitely agree with you that the combat needs some work. There's only a handful of skills, and the emphasis for this game is definitely more on the story. I'd love to work on the game more and fix this! 

I could have done a better job explaining that Constance had basically stolen some technology during the escape to make her do that - I wanted to show a flashback that explained this, which would've also included more about how these 3 friends know each other - but I just ran out of time! But I like that you picked up on that, because you're not the first person!! 

Finally, I'm fortunate enough that the developer of the rewind plugin is a friend of mine, so I definitely had some help with making that plugin even more reliable and feature-filled. The latest version is here if you ever want to try again :) 

Thanks again!

A neat little concept, proving that there are even more facets to RPG Maker development. It's short and sweet, but I feel like it's supposed to be somewhat experimental. Good job with all the MV/MZ3D stuff :) 

I have to say - a lot of time and effort has gone into this game... It really shows. Beautiful art, interesting characters and pretty much nails the whole tabletop RPG format. Whilst TTRPG's aren't really my thing, it'd be foolish to not admire what's been achieved here and I can see the qualities come through in the game's design and its writing. I'm left wondering if you plan to continue development, or if you're happy with it 'as-is' as a complete adventure. Excellent job with it. <3

Hello! I think the game needs a lot more polish as I ran into some bugs that preventing me from progressing but... I absolutely love the aesthetic, as I'm a huge sucker for the Game Boy era. The pixel art is cute & wonderful, and the music fits in nicely. The flavour text is great, even just simple things like when a door is locked. With a bit more time in the oven, this could be something special! Will you continue development?

Strangely addicting - but I guess that is the point! I had fun with it. Does a good job showing off those explotative mechanics, hehe. 

This is really neat. I love the little animations such as when a door is locked, if I can't interact with something or his face turning red when pushing a crate - excellent. The atmosphere is great - lovely tiles and the music fits perfectly. Good battle and victory themes... Really like the battle system in general - it's not complicated and is visually clear (thank you, just a personal pref). 

Yeah, this was decent. I'm going to keep playing. My only recommendation that comes to mind is pixel facesets to match the rest of the pixel aesthetic. Nice work! 

I can see there's effort, and you are trying to tell a story you are passionate about which I respect. Though I'd recommend you spend more time with the engine away from the time limit of a game jam, just so that you can comfortably improve on your game development craft. You will get there with time. :)