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All of those critiques are really great, so thanks for that! I really wanted to do the snapping, and I know we can, there was just some.... potential issues in the initial version causing us to opt for it being like this, but I think those actually got resolved by the end of the game. Really glad you like the game!

Haha I actually had looked up while we were doing this how to make all the sounds play on the beat (which I still think would be awesome!!), but decided a couple of minutes into that to just move on due to time and whatever-whatever. Glad you liked it! :D

Loved it! A bit hard at times, but not too bad. Loved the development of the core mechanic. Only minor thing I saw was that there were times it was a bit challenging to figure out where exactly I hit something at. Bravo.

Thanks for the comment! The controls are a bit finicky and could be tightened up a bit for sure, but adding in the ability to slow down time sounds awesome! Maybe on a different block.... (Also, your game is amazing, just saying.)

Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D
In thinking more about the game as a whole, one of the concessions we made to the length of development time was not checking whether the shape could be a success on each change to the player. If we were to implement that, there are so many things we could do including calculating what the player would need at a particular time and determining what to provide based on that to control difficulty, etc. 
Either way, thanks again for your well-written comment!

Great design that takes a new unique on the jam theme! Art, music, UI all are excellent. As as already been noted, controls a bit unintuitive and clunky, but it's not a deal breaker. Good stuff!

Great design that takes a new unique on the jam theme! Art, music, UI all are excellent. As as already been noted, controls a bit unintuitive and clunky, but it's not a deal breaker. Good stuff!

The music CARRIES this game. It's so solid and drives the feel for me. The visual aesthetic is pretty good as well.

Gameplay wise, I would have loved to see the mechanics developed a bit more. They felt really well done individually, but like they were just kinda mashed together. I played most of the game with the torch on and only pulled out the gun to shoot, which could have influenced my experience. Really like the lighting effect as well!

Love the chill vibes. Your music and sound design folks get big props from me.Great work!

I could play this for hours. The sounds are great, the animations on the shapes and lines are on point. Great stuff going on here!

Easily the best of these type of controlling multiple units style of games I've seen. Also, even though the assets weren't made during the game jam, they are still GORGEOUS!

Nothing's stopping you from making another one! :D

A great game overall! Took a bit of getting accustomed to to finally get what's going on, but really enjoyed it. Big "Baba is You "vibes :D!

My dreams of being an airship captain have finally come true! Except I keep shooting the balloon out of the sky....

Game is aesthetically good, music is excellent. 

Character and level is super cute! The red blood cells beat me up too much. (Also, a teeny bug where they can jump on top of the wall and didn't seem to want to come down.) Maybe I'll get to the end one day!

I played this "game" last night and can't stop thinking about it. Game is probably the wrong word, more like "immersive experience".  In all honesty,  the personality shines through and with a bit more experience, I could see you making something very special.

Today I learned the market for horse marriage counseling is completely untapped. 

In any case, game is awesome, cute, and many laughs were had! Excellent work!

Pretty Dang Cute! Wish I had a bit more clarity on how the units interact, but really liked the autobattler-esque combining mechanic! The Sun Slime Awaits!

Love the cute characters and the art! Like other's had mentioned, a bit hard to figure out, but we got there.

Love the animations and sound effects! Would have loved to see it taken to the rest of the menus, etc. Elegant little game.

Beautiful! Really enjoyed the mechanics once I got what was going on.

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Gorgeous artwork! 

Love the little dog! Very nice!

Game. Is. Beautiful!  Gameplay is simple, but can still be challenging. Great addition of making the kick move toward a nearby enemy so you can still move if you lose your movement keys. Although it can be a bit snowball-y once you start losing a couple of controls, I had a blast!

I know! We had a build that put in some more sound effects, but it finished just short of the time limit. Thanks!

Loved it! Art is great, definitely felt out of control! As has been mentioned multiple times, camera controls, etc.