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Urgh, this is painfully accurate. I'd say you've basically managed a significantly more streamlined version of what I attempted with You Have No Authority Here. Great work!

Grand story. Liked it a lot. Love to have a version next time that interlinks the mechanics of play a bit, so we learn how to play the game as we follow the story. Good read though.

Sorry, what are these dice?!

Hey y'all.

Just released a supplement to the literally-only-funded-today GANGS OF TITAN CITY by Soul Muppet Games. (Grab the free playtest there)

Introducing THE MEDICIA

The Medicia adds an alternate freelance Medical faction to the game, with loads of optional rules. It's also healthcare adjacent, if you like that, and horrible gang-debt adjacent, if you like that too.

16 pages, includes rules for ArchetypesNamingOut Of ActionWeaponsVehiclesPharma-SerumsHuman Alteration and Claims. 99% complete but will be updated once full GOTC rules are available to confirm compatibility.

Please check it out here:

In PS? I'm mostly using Krita currently. Definitely going to practice emulating some of your art for practice

Yes! Uneven character progression! Spencer Campbell blew my eyes wide open with Drifters; character builds and progression should not be uniform, they should be thematic!

This artwork is incredible. I would love to know how Charles does the textures on the black and white. The top image is so intense on a screen its practically trippy - which is cool on its own and THEN insanely thematic as you realise you are partly gazing into the trans-realm void or whatever. Super cool.

Love the details of your promo and reach, etc. Great final funding number too!

Today I learnt that itch doesn't have a "Read next update" button, or I can't see one. Love the funding progress thermometer!

Awesome stuff! Excited for you!

If you end up with a drawing of horrible scrubs at the end, I'd love a picture on here or twitter @cmlowryauthor

Wow, not a question I've had yet. Wanna give me some more detail of what you are trying to do? I stapled mine. 

Thabk you for liking this enough to want it in physical form!

YES! It was also the place to go and smoke, obviously

Totally love this. Gonna print it and have it next to my PC

Okay, so I loved the content, the writing and actually the presentation. Sure, it wasn't sexy, but your intro page with explanation of the different text box types; very cool.

Also, it felt like you knew my school! One of the tables had "The Copse" a mysterious wooded place. We had one of those too, a word I've literally only ever heard relating to that wooded area in our school. Weird.

Good work!

Surreal Experience seems about right. Enjoyed the insight into the artwork "it already looks like a board game was very true". Thanks, I enjoyed this!

Love the mechanics for the Bell and the Swordsperson. Great stuff

Nicely written, pretty bloomin'funny!

Hey y'all, just launched the itchfund for my new project. 

Tyrannosaur Inside is a role-play adventure, in an A5 sized full colour printed booklet. It contains fully illustrated, lovingly laid out pages that set a madcap adventure inside a unthinkable Cretaceous monster.

There will be two versions, with guidance and stat blocks for playing in two common RPG systems:

  • the ubiquitous D&D 5th Edition
  • the incomparably horrible MÖRK BORG.

Check out the itchfunder here:
(It's alsoon Kickstarter if you prefer here...

I have CS6, so I'm hoping itll still work with that...

Thoroughly enjoying this. More fun than my actual advent calendar, and that has literal chocolate in! That's right, this project is better than chocolate, you heard it here first...

...worth it.

Saw the idea in the latest Kickstarter update for Bucket of Bolts and the idea just grabbed me.

Stayed up past 1am for a few nights, and finally produced "A Set Of Scrubs" which is about being a set of hospital scrubs, slowly deteriorating as patients and staff wear you. Thanks to Jack for the toolkit, and thanks for checking it out. Love your thoughts on it!