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download link:

Model downloadable here:

Lettering from here:

That's beautiful.

this sounds like heaps of frustrating fun. I like it!

AH! okay, thanks.

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I'm on Linux (Pop_OS! upgraded to the latest version)

Is the "Build of the day" text meant to link to something? or is a picture meant to be displayed of the build?

Yes, this would be a great time saver.

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Created this from a Retro Stereo font (font is in Public Domain)

Retro Stereo Lettering

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I thought I'd give a little back to the community and thank Kenney for this game-changing tool.
I created some lettering  objects. The first font is a fun Comic style font. Objects created from 100% free / Public Domain fonts.

Comic Font

these two lines here are causing a warning about a conflict between the func name and the variable name.

var load_state: int = 0;

func load_state() -> void:

looks nice, a few hiccups getting it to work, but minimal effort compared to coding my own scene transitions.

the line: new_scene._ready();

in the load_state() function is causing errors, because it means _ready is called twice for a level scene. 

I took that line out and remove the errors I was getting (connecting signals that were already connected).

Very glad it is getting close to release. I'm on Linux, so no preview for me, but still grateful.