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Thank you!

Yay! This is cute. I love the little squelching sounds as it runs so much!

One change I’d suggest for the future is to not put death below the screen. There’s several spots where I have to jump down, and it’s just luck whether I’ll die or not.

If I fall too far down, then I start falling very rapidly, making it difficult to see which parts of the ground are spikes and which are safe because the screen is moving so fast and I immediately teleport after dying.

If you want to make jumps down with spikes, you could alter the camera to zoom out further, you could limit the falling speed, or you could give the slime a cute deployable parachute!

Thanks for the fun!

Thanks for the reply! I’m glad you participated in the game jam :)

Nice little shooter. Thanks for providing a Linux build! I wasn’t sure how to roll the dice or what I could do with my money.

Thanks for the fun anyways!

This game is Windows only, please update your list of platforms to not include Linux.

I tried playing it on Windows and didn’t understand the controls or the rules of the game, sorry.

This is really nice! I loved exploring all the different combinations of elements and reading their text. I lost my first game and won my second.

This is really programmed in C? I’d love to “see” the source code after the jam, if you’d let me! That sounds like a lot of fun to go through and see how you did things. This is seriously impressive in the limited time you had available.

One change to the game that I’d like to see is damage numbers flying off for each hit, as well as immunity trackers, so I know how much damage I’m doing and why it’s that much.

By the way, trying to run the Linux version tells me this: ./Dicey Mage: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.34’ not found (required by ./Dicey Mage) I don’t know what to do about this, so I used the Windows version instead.

Thanks for the fun!

This is a pretty reasonable platformer and the roll mechanic feels really fun to use! It’s just that… falling over is really not fun. If there was some way to mitigate the damage, then that could be fun design, but at least for the parts of level 1 that I saw it didn’t feel like there was anything I could do except for jump and hope that I made it over the jump. I didn’t see any opportunities for decision-making.

Thank you for providing a Linux version! It was easy to use and it worked well for me.

Yeah, I agree with this post. The framerate was fine for me on Linux though.

Yeah, there’s no way for me to play the game right now. Sorry.

I’m excited to check it out after the jam ends though! Thanks for providing a linux version. Let me know when you upload the necessary files!

Sweet game, I like the humor!

I wasn’t able to complete the large basement level due to the bug, unfortunately. If I may suggest another improvement, I’d like to see a standard text font rather than the pixel art one due to the large amount of text that this game has. Make it easier to read, yknow.

I’m excited to revisit this when you upload your post-jam versions with the bugfixes! (Can you remind me, or is there a following system on

Thanks for the fun!

This is a really, really, really good game. Lots of fun and lots of replay value thanks to the dice bonus system after you die - that was SUCH a good idea.

I’d love to see a version of this that isn’t HTML5. If your game engine supports exporting to another format, would you mind uploading a native build after the jam time is over?

My only criticism would be the art direction - pixel art looks much better when you have consistent pixel sizes throughout the game and snap all objects to the same pixel grid.

Thanks for the fun!

Wow, I REALLY like this! It’s interesting that some of the stats also have a downside - too much speed makes the ship harder to control, and lower enemy speed means they can turn more precisely.

I think it would be interesting if a lower number of weapon damage also reduced the weapon spread, i.e. made the weapons more accurate, making that a better tradeoff.

I experimented a few times choosing extreme values for each attribute to see how the gameplay was different, and wow, it was really different! If the game ramped up in difficulty, and had a score meter, I could definitely see myself playing this for a lot longer.

Thanks for the fun!

Turns out lots of people used the dice rolling puzzle game idea, but I still really appreciated this one. The simplification to three colours was really helpful, since I found the 6-number puzzle games very tough to get my head around how it rolled! I didn’t immediately understand that I could only cross a gate if I hadn’t made that face darker by pushing a button, but I figured it out after resetting.

Pretty cool how you can still know what all the colours are even when you can only see two pixelated faces of the die.

My favourite level was the large square ice skating one because it helped me to think about the rolling mechanics rather than using trial and error.

Thanks for the fun!

I also agree with this constructive criticism. These are going to be some of the most important issues we address if we decide to develop the game further. Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Thanks for the praise CFHM, good to see you again!

The pawns have 6 hp because that is the number of sides on the dice. The intention is for the player to notice that sometimes they can OHKO the pawns and sometimes they can’t, and from that, discover that the Takedown move does the amount of damage that the dice landed on. This gets them thinking about which upgrade slots to use.

I do agree that the levels are a bit too large. The size was nerfed near the end of the game jam but it still ended up being large and empty. We’ll definitely find a way to deal with this if we take this game to a larger release.

See you next year? ;)

Thank you very much for the support! We’re definitely thinking about developing this further!

Thank you for sharing once again! I’m a huge fan of your writing and your visuals :)

I’m not quite sure how to play this one. The strategy interface looks interesting but I haven’t figured out exactly what to do. Spending resources lets me take actions and gain resources, and clicking the dice lets me reroll it. But sometimes there are resources on the dice and sometimes there aren’t. I don’t quite get it, could you help me?

What a great game! Great presentation.

I’m echoing the others, I’m not sure what makes the dice re-roll. I think it would also be nice if the enemies moved faster to present more of a challenge - though I only played the first two levels. I’m sure it gets more difficult later on.

Why not make all of the levels unlocked?

Regardless, thank you very much for the fun!

Fun little game and an interesting choice for the prompt! The tower builder reminds me of the “derivative clicker” idle game, where the numbers quickly get out of hand once you reach into the derivatives. The idea of increasing the number of sides and the luck was a nice take on the dice rolling concept.

Thanks for the fun!

Looks like it’s Windows only. Please revise your list of supported platforms!

Really cute! I love how it has defined win and loss conditions and how I can change the buildings expected numbers to balance out my luck.

Producing enough food definitely seems to be the key to success!

Thanks for the fun!

I’m not totally sure how to play it, but I do really like the themeing, the art, and the animations!

Thanks for the fun!

This is fun, and pretty crazy! I survived 108 seconds before getting overwhelmed. I like how the game starts slowly, allowing me to get familiar with the controls.

The continuous fire and burst fire are really fun to use, I love that!

It would be nice to have a varied skybox to help me orient myself better. With the sensitive controls, it’s hard to know if I’ve done a complete 360 turn and I’m facing the same way as before, or whether I’m facing a different way. A skybox would help a lot, though I also see how it could interfere with the neon aesthetic.

At one point in my first game I got frozen in the floor, but it didn’t happen in the second game.

Thanks for the fun!

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Small and fun game with a reasonable mixture of skill! It’s funny to see how the actual dice has different numbers on it in the field. I really enjoyed arranging my stats. I tried going for a balanced build, but it would also be really funny to max out one of the faces at the detriment of the others.

If I were to change something about it, I would change the combat UI. I would make it like looking into the side of a machine and seeing the dice bounce around inside, kind of like food in a blender. I would increase gravity so they settled faster. You could even add a button to nudge the machine, kind of like how you can nudge some pinball games if the ball is rolling somewhere you don’t like, in order to make your die land on a different face if you don’t like where it’s going. It could definitely be cool to revisit the idea outside of jam conditions!

Thanks for the fun!

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This is cute! I only got to see two of the enemies because I kept getting served slimes… such is the bane of random chance!

I love the little polish on the effects like the confetti.

Thanks for the fun!

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Extremely cute little game! The colour palette is gorgeous and I love how you selected a small scope and absolutely nailed it.

It may be slightly too addictive… I kept betting a little too much and losing it all.

Thanks for the fun!

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Incredibly polished! The shaders of the environment were fun to look at, though occasionally they got in my way from seeing how many dots the floor tiles had.

Playing a previous puzzle game where I have to roll the dice into a particular orientation prepared me a little bit, but I still found the levels to be challenging. The level which had 3 sets of 4 gates in a row was extremely challenging, and I had to solve it through trial and error.

If I would make a change to this game, it would be to allow me to undo the cactus flings. The cactus would often put me into a position where I couldn’t continue that level. You could also design the levels to allow space to move and rotate around after hitting the cactus.

I’ve been a little critical in this review but it was a great game overall! Thanks for the fun!

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I’m looking on the bright side, and I can definitely see the potential here! Having a defined win and lose condition would go a long way towards making this be an exciting game.

Generally, turn-taking games like this one involve puzzle or strategy of trying to plan the best move. If you instead made it a real-time action game, this can make the moment-to-moment gameplay much more exciting and intense. Which style to choose depends on what you’re trying to make and what your goals are - definitely something to experiment with.

Thanks for the fun!

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It took me quite a while to get my head around the way the dice moved, and I also didn’t understand what the yellow dice since it wasn’t stated in the tutorial. The dice turn yellow if they are connected and the number of dice that are connected is less than the value on the top face. The value on the top face needs to be equal or smaller to the number of dice.

If you had time, an undo button would be appreciated to help me experiment and better get my head around the way they move.

This was a nice game once I figured that out! Thanks for the fun!

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I haven’t played the original, so my understanding of this game might be limited as a result! I see how I’m supposed to identify the hazards, but I find myself falling in to them again and again, and I wasn’t able to hunt the Wumpus.

Thanks for the fun!

I don’t know how to respond to playing your game.

I guess the most important thing is to let you know that, I did play it to the end, and it did emotionally affect me. I felt your pain and your suffering, even if just a fragment of them. I won’t forget this.

The things that happened to you are totally fucked up. Of course, you know this now.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn about your trauma.

I hope you do have a happy ending, because you deserve one.

ohhhh my god this is so cute I love the art and the characterisation and the dialogue!! thank you so much for creating this and sharing it with the world. the shaky hand is so funny!

It is a fun game and I like it a lot! I do appreciate the amount of polish that went into how the levels tie in with the music, and how the sound effects are timed too. I think it’s cool how enemies kind of wait to die in order to line up with the next measure of the music, and how that’s the same pace that the combo timer runs out as well.

This is really fun and really funny, thank you!! :)

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It seems to work (as far as I assume) in Linux using a program called Wine that runs EXEs. Presumably would work on Mac in the same way.

New high score, 17+2!

This game is awesome and fun. I love how the music gets more intense and crackles when you hit the trail. It took me several tries to figure out exactly how the snake moves. Thank you for making this game!

Score: 13 Survival bonus: +2

Is my score 13 or 15? :D

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this, this is much needed!

Hi, I wanted to leave comments about the Linux version! Almost everything works pretty well [1.4.1], but there’s a couple of things I want to point out:

  • After arriving at an island, the screen is black with a small white dot in the middle until I right click for the first time, and it looks the way it’s supposed to (through the viewfinder and after closing it both look good.)

  • Saved photos have a .jpg extension, but they’re actually PNG files. Most applications don’t care, but some do, and will refuse to open the picture until I change the extension to .png. (Saving as an actual JPEG file seems like the best solution to me.)

  • A way to enable vsync or cap the framerate would be appreciated. I think the game is currently trying to push as many frames as possible, regardless of my monitor’s refresh rate, causing my GPU to get hotter than necessary.

  • Scroll wheel in the viewfinder doesn’t seem to do anything at all? I may be misunderstanding how to use that feature.

Thanks for the awesome game! I’ll definitely be back again, and again, to take more photos.