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Thank you so much for publishing this update on! The increased framerate alone is awesome!

I appreciate you all and your work :)

I notice this a lot, and it’s really distracting to me, and I will buy copies of Textreme 2 for all my friends as thanks if you can fix it.

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One of the levels was too hard for me and I got stuck, but I still enjoyed the game. Thanks for making it!

Thank you so much for the praise! We’re very glad you enjoyed. The mud marks took a couple of revisions to get down and we’re very pleased that we took the time to improve them to how they look now.

That did help me, I also got confused by this.

Thanks! Now I can look stupid on my own instead of looking stupid with other people.

This game is absolutely wonderful. Great idea, great execution, great visuals, and lots of fun to play. <3

This is maybe the most fun puzzle game I’ve played in the jam. Nice work. As well as the mechanics, I’m particularly impressed by the level design.

Harder than I expected, which made it a lot a fun. :) The indicator that shows when the ducks are lined up is an absolute BLESSING, we don’t deserve this but you gave it to us anyway <3 <3 <3

Ooh, first pico-8 game I’ve seen in the jam. I love the art that you’ve managed to create, especially the flair pickup animation. Unfortunately it’s way too hard for me, I can’t get through the second level.

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Score 86. This is fun! I loved the visual style and the historical notes.

Just here to add my enthusiasm for a linux build, I could get the windows version to run either so was a little disappointed given all the praise I’ve heard about the game :)

This is pretty funny. I survived 47 generations, not exactly sure what killed me at the end, but it was fun regardless. I appreciate that all the world’s inhabitants are just called “dudes”.

Oh, this is just really fun. I love it. The movement is slick.

I like this game! Thank you for making it!

This is a wonderful idea, kind of reminds me of that one Crypt Of The Necrodancer boss. I really like the sound effects the pieces make. My main criticism would be that the movement takes a while and that the AI can get in the way for long periods of time.

Best of luck!!

One basic idea is that the tutorial could have fixed spawning patterns, and instruct the player to collect ingredients, and when their health drops to collect, and once done tell them to press space to brew. Seems effective.

While you’re at it, I’d really appreciate being able to use the arrow keys to move. My keyboard does not have WASD in the usual place.

The physics were fun to try to figure out. From reading the comments, the fact that the slime’s contact surface area contributes to jump power was extremely good to know and helped me get through the high jump level. In the tutorial I didn’t understand the timing.

The more advanced levels worked well when I was following the same path as the author, and less well when I was trying to work out what to do. The physics didn’t lend themselves well to other solutions to the level. For example, the one with the flinging, where you’d be launched off incorrectly unless you were at the correct spot and pressed jump at the correct time.

Trying to be precise in this isn’t very fun, so I think levels that focused around speed rather than precision in this would be a lot less frustrating and more enjoyable. Do you plan to do anything else to this game after the jam is over?

Overall though, solid game. Thanks for making it.

Quite often there is nothing I can do due to there being items all around me and me being on 1 health. It’s just a matter of time until I run out of space and hit one.

IMO, either collecting a water drop should fully refill the water bar, or there should be around 3 times as much water spawning as there are ingredients (because you need water to recover HP after collecting any ingredient).

Writing the controls in the game description would have saved me a minute.

I imagine racking up a huge combo at high speeds would feel great, but right now that’s not possible because there’s not enough water to make it happen. I’d love to see where Coffee-48 goes after the jam ends and you can make more changes.

I really liked the concept that you wrote in the game description but it seems like there are no enemies appearing. I tried the Linux version and then the Windows version via Wine. Let me know if there’s anything I can do about this. I hope you’ll get to update the game after the jam. :)

I’d like to see a solution video to this. The jam has been full of puzzle games, and this is the first one that’s given me serious troubles solving it. I found a solution to all of the levels apart from level 3.

Pressing jump doesn’t work reliably, and I don’t have the patience to try and complete this when I have to start over if I mess up the platforming. Sorry, I bet the rest of the levels were going to be really cool.

I’m left feeling a bit confused because I assume that I win the game if the timer reaches 0 and my eggs hatch? But I can’t find a way to survive for that long? I can only get to 0:58 remaining. Poor spider. Cool concept and use of the “joined together” theme though.

Damn, this is really pretty. I wish I could deal with the mouse sensitivity. Either I’m bad, or the enemies should be rebalanced, because I can’t survive more than 40 seconds.

It is REALLY pretty though so good job on that.

I’m keen to see what this would have become if you had more time. Non-contiguous space is definitely something that should be explored more in games.

Really nice game. It took me a while to work out how to locate the capsule (the answer is “press C”), and once I figured that out I could save the astronauts. The “how to play” sheet in game was extremely useful. For 48 hours, this game has a surprising amount of polish. Good job everyone.

Some nice destructive fun. My best score was 8700. Thanks for making the game!

Coordinating the lasers by myself was surprisingly difficult. Nice design!

Short and sweet. I like this game. Very well presented.

Oh, you reminded me, I was going to mention that I appreciated how one of the levels was extremely close to sokoban.

If the game was fleshed out more without the constraints of the jam it would be cool to see the levels grouped into several worlds by their theme, one of the worlds being all about puzzles which are almost sokoban. I can see lots of room for many more puzzles within these mechanics. I do think the three types of slimes are enough on their own to support that without needing more types.

I also wanted to mention that I liked how the game highlights which squares the slime is able to move to, but I did notice that it doesn’t highlight which slime is currently active, which can be misleading when I have a blue slime last clicked and I can’t tell because the shaded squares are all the way at the other side of the screen. That would be a good improvement if you plan to work on this further. I think it has a lot of potential, and for the most part would just need the levels.

This is a lot of fun to play and I love the beautiful backgrounds. I’d love to see what this game would look like if you didn’t have the time constraints of the game jam. My left clicking finger hates me now.

The concept seems neat but I have no idea what I am supposed to be doing in the level. The controls work, but I can’t really tell what is being controlled.

I really really liked what I saw here! At first it looked like it was going to be another one of those “move both characters with the same controls” puzzle games, but turned out to play far better than I had hoped.

Having individual control over the slimes is a very very good decision and definitely makes the game less frustrating than controlling all of them at once would have been while still allowing for very interesting level design. I loved how you implemented the “joined together” theme by having the enemies move at the same time insteade.

And the level design! Level design for a puzzle game is really hard and you did a great job. There were more levels than I was expecting, and all of them made me think for a couple of minutes before I found the solution.

Overall, wonderful job, and I’m glad to have played it.

Thank you so so much for the praise!

To continue enjoying Golf 2, we recommend downloading the Windows version, which doesn’t have the performance issues that the web version does. Levels consistently load in half a second.

It’s a fine game! Good job.

Could only get it to work in Chrome. Simple concept done well. I especially love the music and the palette you’ve chosen. Is the music your own?

Most of the levels were even enjoyable. Thank you Abra Click for the great experience!undefined

Hudson is the Golf™ world champion, so you’d expect him to be able to aim pretty well by himself ;)