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That’s fantastic feedback! I never considered adding images to the level select, but that does make lots of sense! I’ll give it a try as part of my changes to be published after the jam.

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Gosh, what a brain scratcher! Thanks for the video.

Hmmm… the idea looks interesting, but is level 2 really possible to complete? No matter what I try, I’m always 1 tile next to the “player”, which means it ends up chasing me in circles around the right half of the level. The “player” can push me, so I can’t figure out how to block them either.

The switching mechanic is a really effective twist on the classic genre. Nice job!

Would you mind posting a link to that collection? I’d also be interested to see the other takes on box-pushing puzzles this jam!

Exciting! Let me know if you get around to making an updated version, and I’ll be sure to give it a try.

What causes them to drop?

Fun but tough! I had to stop playing on the level that gave me 1 green ship followed by 2 teleporting ships. I think I’d do better at the game if I could play it using two hands; the left hand should be on WASD to move around, the right hand on the mouse to aim and shoot. Still, I like what you’ve done here, and the different varieties of ships are very impressive and used to good potential.

Looks really cool, but I’m stuck on the third level. I’m not sure what to do with the bomb you’ve given me. Can I get a little help please? :)

Interesting concept and more fun than the cover image led me to believe :) and hi Bob.

Just so you know, it’s okay to edit the description, screenshots, and cover image even after you already submitted! You just aren’t able to edit the downloads.

As for the actual game: Harder than I expected. I think it would be better if the controls were more responsive. Currently, to trigger the platforms, I have to press the mouse button while the mouse is currently within the platform’s area. This is really tricky when the camera is moving due to the character being on other platforms! I think it would be better to activate platforms if the mouse button is held down while the cursor covers over the platform’s area, which would make it more lenient and fun for me.

I made it to the first spring level, but had to stop at that point as it was getting too difficult, and my springs kept not being placed/disappearing into the floor. Were there any other placeable objects after the springs that I missed out on?

Thanks for the game!

Great execution of the idea. I like how Rai leaves a trail behind so I can place the boxes in the path they would normally take >:)

Was it hard to make the code to have the computer control Rai with only 48 hours?

I had more fun on this than I care to admit, haha. It’s kind of like trying to solve a maze! I must admit a screamed a couple of times as my arrow hit the ground inchees from an air gust. Ended up with a couple of 600 scores after all my attempts.

The speed lines effect at the edges of the screen after you hit a gust is clever.

Ooh, I love the little sleepy wizard and all the clocks on things. I’m impressed that the rewinding mechanic works so smoothly, and the level where I launch a box was such a clever move. The only things I’d change would be to make the last puzzle somewhat clearer (though it was still fun to figure it out in the end!) and to reduce the amount of momentum on the characters.

Cute game!

Also the title screen/cover art is fantastic.

First things first, I’m a big fan of the art in this one! The little icons are expressive and have cool colours on them, and the creature designs are much better than anything I could think up. I also like how the card is enlarged with a star when it’s (intended to be) doubled.

It took me a while to get the concept at first, and now that I’ve played a few rounds, I think it could be a really enjoyable game that I’d come back to if it had a few changes to the balance:

The starting deck choice is extremely cool - I love the choice of fewer high powered cards vs more low powered cards and I can see that having a big impact later on in the game - but all the card decisions after that are not very interactive. For example, when given the choice between Landslide (4), Draft (1), Pebble (1), 4 is the biggest number and there’s no reason for me to choose the other one.

Rather than a power number, the pure choice of which element would help your deck is probably more interesting, and the card’s power could be based on the difficulty of the room you just cleared. Or maybe there could be dual-type cards which are obviously advantageous over single-type cards but could appear with lower power levels on average.

At the moment, it’s unfortunately lacking in skill: some encounters are impossible to win even with perfect draws, and the only run that I won involved me not thinking about which enemy to attack first.

I think it would also be nice if the “show deck” was shown at all times and didn’t show the ones that have been played in this game so it’s easier to strategise over what’s left.

Still, with some of these changes and more variety, I think this would be a really interesting game that people would come back to!

Sorry that my post came off in a rude way! I won’t do it again.

I’m just getting around to playing the games now that I’m home from work, and your game is on my list. I’m excited to see what’s in store :)

Hiya, congrats on the GMTK 2023 entry! I couldn’t find another way to contact you - just wanted to say that I’m one of the evil minds behind Golf 2, a game which you greatly enjoyed in 2021, and if you’d like to see our team’s 2023 entry, you can find it on my profile :)

Thank you so much for the praise!


I really liked the story of the game, despite the rough translation. I also admire how the art was put together in a creative way from the original photographs.

I think I would have liked the endings more if they were more conclusive. I’m interested in reading your other stories to see what other topics you’ve written about. :)

Cute and fun! Is there any particular reason that you play as a 6 legged spider?

I found that too. Holding the button makes it easy to damage the enemies while they’re still half off-screen and not posing much of a threat. I’m not sure what I should do to solve this. Perhaps each enemy should get brief shields until they’re fully on the screen? That would be kind of inelegant though.

I’m not sure how other shoot-em-up games solve this problem. Any ideas?

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Okay, I put in the time to figure out how to play this and managed to complete level 10 on 430 seconds, using the occasional tomato to sustain my HP.

This definitely has a lot of gameplay compared to the other jam games, and a fair bit of polish within itself: the map slowly being discovered and the enemies turning into a blue ghost of where they last were when you lose sight of them is a very, very good feature.

While it does have depth, it’s not as deep as the description made me hope for, which is understandable under jam time constraints - I can’t wait to see where you go with this next. I’ll probably watch some of your vods over the next couple of days to learn more about how the game got to this state.

One suggestion for the future: it should be easier to distinguish between the enemy shots and the number indicators. “1” looks a lot like an incoming shot.

Thanks for the fun!

Not too bad! Despite the ghosts loving to stay in the middle, they were merciless at tracking me down once they left their box. After enough tries, I managed to clear the first level.

If you decide to take this further, then as well as the ghost AI fixes, I think adding sound effects would really make a huge difference to making the game more engaging to play.

I didn’t expect much from this game, but it grew on me a lot! The levels do get more satisfying, and I was able to completecompleted level 11 (died on level 12 because I only got 57 balls vs the requirement of 58).

If you plan to continue this further, I have a couple of suggestions:

(a) allow me to restart the same level rather than having to replay all past levels if I make a mistake,

(b) animate the balls in some way to show how much time is left until each one shrinks,

(c) play a dramatic sound effect every time I catch a new ball, increasing in pitch/intensity as I get closer to the level’s goal

Thanks for the fun!

I like the music! I must admit I pressed buttons randomly in order to get through level 12 - I’m not sure what the function of the coral blocks is. Either way, nice game!

Thanks, I got it to run with wine.

Cute little action game with lots of variety!

Worked great, thank you! Love2d is in the Fedora repos under love, so I just installed that and the game plays.

I love games that have a genetic evolution theme where they let you selectively breed in many different directions, and this is no exception. I had fun making a huge purple flower and a tiny tiny yellow one.

Thanks for the praise!

The code in all the enemies only activates on hit, so the boss only shoots at you when you shoot at the boss. Maybe with this knowledge you’ll be able to defeat it!

Interesting game, reminds me of I managed to build the version on GitLab, so that’s what I played. While switching polarities to manipulate the dots is fun, the game’s two goals (avoid black + get larger) conflict with each other, because after getting to a certain size it just becomes impossible to fit through the gaps in the black. So eating the dots forces me to lose sooner.

Still, the game is fun, and if the objective was different I could see it being very addictive!

Simple and fun! I managed to earn 2778 points on my best run.

Seems like there’s a lot in here, and looks very creative, but I don’t get how to play the game. Not in a technical or mechanical sense - I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing at each step in the game. I’d probably enjoy watching somebody else play this so I can read the story along with them, but I don’t have the intuition to make any progress on my own.

Thanks! I wanted to make sure players wouldn’t get frustrated by the difficulty as there are a lot of games for them to play through in this jam, so I erred on the side of making it easy. To make it more challenging for yourself, you could wait for the enemies to get 1/4 of the way across the screen before you start trying to shoot them; that way they have more time to gang up and start shooting their own projectiles. Or download the source and change their firing rate haha.

In that case I don’t know what the problem is. You can try working around the problem by replacing that command with raco pkg install --auto --skip-installed priority-queue raylib ?

raco req -d needs to be run inside the source directory.

Definitely gets a lot harder as it speeds up. I scored 16 points. :)

For those in other time zones, that’s 5h 20m from now. Current Central Time here:

I’ll be asleep while you stream, but I’ll check the vod afterwards so I can see everybody’s games a second time!

Browser version worked for me! Nice one :)