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Alex Cline

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For me, it says 8am CST which would be 6am. Might wanna double check that.

Where that theme at???

I have to say I think this is definitely one of my favorite games on this site I've played so far. A solid 90 cows out of the herd of 100.

I think my favorite think about it is the menu. You create the menu to be a tutorial which is something I've never seen before and I think you executed it brilliantly.

I think the one think that could be better would be the length. I wish it was a little longer. However I know in the description it says this was for an assignment so it is understandable.

Great job. I look forward to playing your games in the future!


Thanks man!

Hey guys,

I've never done a jam before so I don't know if there's a delay or something for Jams going onto the calendar, but mine isn't there as of me posting this. I have the published box checked and the unlisted box unchecked.

I feel this game was excellent. I give it 85 cows out of the herd of 100.

The art, sound, and the fact that one had to click to advance the story where blended seamlessly to create the dystopian fantasy.

The character's turning to face me when speaking to me was a nice touch. The fact that they said "you" instead of a different pronoun or a name was a great design choice as well; making me feel like I was the one they were taking to.

I legitimately felt terrified every time there was a knock on the door, with the uncertainty of what was to come.

I loved your use of design by subtraction. The only think I would have done differently would be to add a little background noise; like wind or something similar. The silence was a bit much sometimes.


After my ending; with Annie, Jakob, and the couple dead, I felt terrible as I caused their deaths.

The picture that accompanied the text scroll at the end was killer, really hammering away the isolation and desire that would be in a post-apocalypse.

Great job on this game! Keep it up!!