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I have to say I think this is definitely one of my favorite games on this site I've played so far. A solid 90 cows out of the herd of 100.

I think my favorite think about it is the menu. You create the menu to be a tutorial which is something I've never seen before and I think you executed it brilliantly.

I think the one think that could be better would be the length. I wish it was a little longer. However I know in the description it says this was for an assignment so it is understandable.

Great job. I look forward to playing your games in the future!

Thanks so much! It was actually my girlfriend who came up with the idea for the main menu, she's a designer just like myself. I'll be sure to let her know of what you thought! Thanks for the wonderful feedback!

I couldn't have said it better myself^ I'm pretty new to gaming in general so I've been toddling around the site, trying out small games and this one really showed me how big of a difference good design makes. I'd play the heck out of a longer version!