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Thanks for the input! its been a while since I last updated it, but these  a easy to implement, i'll put it in my notes

Hi, the game is only available here on you can install it via APK

eu sou Zé Roberto, posso contribuir com Programação, porem por enquanto so trabalho com a Godot engine, game engine leve e open source. alguns dos jogos que fiz estão Aqui

Version 1.3 of the game now supports changing the camera angle. 

hi! it is possible. I used 45 because it was the easiest to implement and looked nicer. But some people  did complain about the controls being confusing in this camera angle.  I'll try to add the option to change the angle soon, thanks for playing!

Really nice arcade feel!

Asteroids are dope haha!

Thanks! there should be 100 asteroids in total, your score is 98 if you missed 2 

What an awesome little adventure, great game 5/5

Great game! top notch art and gameplay

Muito bom, gostei do conceito,  acho que seria interessante deixar de forma mais explicita o caminho que as gotas de agua fazem 

the game has improved a lot since the last version, music and sound effects are great, it would be nice to have a level indicator though 

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Thanks! Music is by Apollo Produced It he's got same good stuff royalty free for non commercial use

I'm glad you liked it!  I'll try to add some more variety, rotating the asteroids randomly is easy to do, I'll see what it looks like, thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks for the feedback! asteroids re-spawn time could be tweaked but i noticed it would be too easy to get all the asteroids otherwise, as it stands i can get about 90 asteroids which is the number i was going for, i think i'll add some procedural generation rules to avoid those impossible situations from happening

Amazing concept, beautiful implementation, seriously. pure genius, please keep it up

Hi guys i've released my first game Puzzle Castle .  its a a 3D puzzle platformer Hope you guys like it .  

Sometimes the camera changes abruptly and it messes up your aim, other than that, i love the concept 

i have just launched one, its called puzzle castle:

I think it would! for android i'm using a swipe motion. Nice puzzle you got there by the way, the only complaint i have is the lack of a Undo button/key

i have the same problem with the control scheme on my game (its basically the same, but inverted), something about the orthogonal view makes people confused at first but after a couple of levels they get used to it

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 I'll be patching the demo soon, and will add saving support, thanks for playing!

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Yep,  forgot to include it! it was my first time building the game for windows,  i didn't know that it was needed, i'm going to upload a zipped file with both files. thanks for pointing that out!

Hi guys i'm releasing the demo for my first game Puzzle Castle . A 3D puzzle platformer Hope you guys like it .

nicely polished, solid mechanic, i think that it could evolve into a nice little puzzle, by adding a few monsters with different behaviours, and maybe a way to place candles on the floor/walls

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So simple and clever.  I love the effects and music on this
one, everything comes together beautifully.

Awesome demo, i really like the concept and atmosphere, there is a lot to explore here. i can imagine Otto being  able to trigger different ancient mechanisms (hammers, one use traps etc) to protect the forest, and being able to 'inspire' animal allies giving them attack bonuses, like a bard in D&D