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load link:   https://clairvoyantindie.itch.io/retro-tri

join the retro trip and reach the highest speed!

Tap all the objects that humanity are using for its own destruction before they get sucked up in our minds! and save up some cash on your own way ….


We have published Stack Tabs! 


A Psychedelic Tabs experience .

Thank you so much :)

Thank you so much :) soon we are going to release on Google play in with the full version of the gameplay.

Thank you so much for you feedback we appreciate your time checking out our game

Yes am aware of that issue too .., thank you for your help :) and on 17th we will be releasing on Google play as currently we only released the demo of the game on itch.io .   Btw I really like how the website functions really good stuff keep it going guys Itch.io for the win.

sure I will thank you , though I tried it with apk but apparently some devices don't really get to install the apk for some unknown reason I suppose that I need to figure it out in unity .

We would love to hear from you :D


We have published an android demo and we are currently sharing it for feedback but we are having an issue with installing the apk on various android devices as some people said that when they click on the apk its opening a zip file for them without installing it.

Here is the game link : 


Thank you so much :)

I can't figure out the difference between an impression and views..

Download Link: https://clairvoyantindie.itch.io/abductme

A UFO alien arcade game . 

We just published our Demo and looking forward to hear from everyone .