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Yeah fur sure ha.  Its not really even to a playable state, just wanted to try and submit _something_.  Way too ambitious for me for 48 hours.  But I do think it is an interesting idea at the very least.

Thanks a bunch!

Man the risk/reward of charging a shot for more damage and then potentially hucking the ball way outta reach.  nice. 

Also the music is so great!

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So good!  Definitely a contender for my favorite game of the jam.

Like BuracekCZ said, it does sometimes feel a bit unfair/you have to take damage.   I agree it doesn't hurt the game that much.  

(Seriously give me a mobile port of this and I will play all day ha)

Great idea with the foresight mechanic!  

Great job, love the art/music

The up/down moving platform is bound to player movement?  Is that intentional ha?

Yes local multiplayer game!  Super fun, dogmode is no joke.
I found it kinda hard to look up and see if my dash was cooled down while looking at my doggo.

Overall very nice.

This is so great!  Maybe make the main character a bit more visually distinct from the enemies, particularly when not whistling.

But man, really nice job. Great idea, great music, great art!

Appears to only work on Firefox browsers. . .

Thanks so much!

Thanks!  That means a lot!  Our first jam so we we're bumbling around a bit ha, glad you enjoyed it!

The UI is admittedly confusing haha.

So you have to bring the ball to your goal (Indicated by the color of your outline, the goal being the same-colored biggest square ).  You have to actually enter the goal with the ball,  like (American) football.  

Hope that clears it up a bit, we're lacking on the graphics/UI side, so it is definitely a bit confusing haha.

Thanks for playing!