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I'm glad you liked it. Thank you.

Thanks for your feedback. I couldn't make a grammar and spelling check or expand a lot with the story due to time constraints. I had just a few hours left when I wrote the story and I had some rooms left to make so everything suffered.

I'll take in account all my mistakes for future projects. I hope you enjoyed my game.

I just want people to try it.

I'm glad you liked it. I've seen people didn't know how to throw the rock. Did you try clicking? There are 2 secret rooms. (Look at the posters)

If you clicked on this game just leave. That's an old export with just 3 rooms and nothing to do. I'm so mad. I did everything to just fail at the last  second. I'll try to make an executable another day. I'm tired.

OMG I've been trying for 40 minutes or more to create an executable and the engine is not working. I want to kill myself


Hey! There's a problem with the strong skill beacuse it's only making 1 damage. Solve it before the time limit ends.

I liked the ending. Good luck.

do you want pixel art?

I'm good at drawing but I can only animate in a pixel art style

Should the music also be created on the jam?

If not, can I mix or edit existing music during the jam?

For example I could use a clasical piece and make it into 8 bit, is that allowed?

Do you want a 2d artist?

I can make 2d art pretty well, especially if it's pixel art.


I'm an "artist". I've been drawing seriously but unprofessionally for 3 years and I just picked up pixel art.

I'm not a pro but I can make good work especially if it's pixel art. I've been practicing animating and making sprites.


I'm good with pixel art but I can't code