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This game is really fun to play, would love to see more levels or a full release of some kind!

The rocks don't do anything, and there's no finite quantity of anything, but if you update it and add the air and stuff, the game would be pretty fun. 

A very enjoyable game overall. Nice level design and offers a reasonable challenge. Great job!

A nice game, and quite fun to use. However, the limitation was having a finite quantity, not infinite quantity. Otherwise, great game

A nice art style, but it would be better if the ghosts were less strong, and you could change the way bullets shoot, direction-wise. A great idea, but could be executed a bit better.

A very enjoyable game, the mechanics are very smooth and polished, and the overall game is simply fantastic! It would be nice to have a way to track your score, but the game is still very fun.

This is such a dumb concept, but it works SO WELL and is EXTREMELY ADDICTING. Keep up[ the good work!

Cool style, polished physics, and an overall easy-to-learn, hard-to-play game. One of the best games so far!

I love the art style, and it's a nice and sad (for the flame) idea.

The snowy atmosphere is great, and I love the building mechanics. Nice sound and art too!

Loving the snowy atmosphere and building mechanics. Great game!

A game that gets you addicted super fast. Cool idea! My best is 30 seconds

My only suggestion would be to add power-ups or something. That would be super fun to play around with if you ever update this game!

Enjoyable game to play, nice concept, and offers a challenge.

Great job!

This game is ridiculously addicting

9/10, great job. Love the way you implemented the limitation.

This is actually really good