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Ho I see, I didn't catch this actually, this needs another playthrought ;).

Thanks for making

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Nice concept ! Controls are a bit akward thought and I would say you stamina do not recharge quick enough so a few time I found flying around waiting for it to recover for a while.

I would personally increase the pace a bit, I feel this can be a very fun game.

Hope I still made it within the deadline here is my game :

It's a puzzle platformer with storytelling elements and procedurally generated challenges, a labrat with elemental power is being tested by a depressed computer unit


Hi there

There are many games on , which is great, however a large portion of them will end up into the abyss right after their release, The one that are lucky enough to get attention will benefit from a great front page visibility, which is great for them, but I would personally like to be able to check out games that may have been completely ignored cause there are so many hidden gem on this site!

could be as simple as proposing a sorting by amount of download / rating given.

Let me know your thought

I was a bit tired to do super short gamejam so I decided to take a little more time to do something with a bit more content.

I guess it's a sort of platformer ? But not really, you should really try it out by yourself.

Even thought it's not my fav one among your games it's still pretty fun to play. I found the controls a bit awkward thought I often end up moving in the direction am shooting.

Hope you'll keep making.

The monsters are hungry, and you need to serve them !

In each  level you'll be given a random object that will help you put food into their mouths, and you'll better do it quick !

Nice game !

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GGJ 2021 entry  , a mix between 3D and 2D with randomly generated dungeons and even more random items

Died during that run when you finally got you hands on this super rare & shiny item ?... Hum go ask the lost and found object center, they may be able to do something for you.

Ghost Recall

Thanks for your comment, the game works with a slingshot mechanic, you have to orient the little white line behind the player and hold space then you release and it will push your player, if you have controller this may be easier, cheers !

cows went ship

I tried, and it looks like twisted metal X gta :D thanks !

Very nice concept ! the 3rd level is brutal :P

thankss !

Comming from your thread,  graphics is really neat ! My two cents : maybe move the target to the center of the screen ? This way I can check what i'm doing while making sure i follow the beat properly, At the moment I'm constantly checking the bottom of the screen but want to admire the environment.  kudos for meeting the deadline

Here is my entry :

tried took me a little while to get the hang of it , that's some nice sound work 

 here's mine  :

I'll give it a go after work, thanks !

tried your game pretty hard :D , but interesting concept, mine is quite hard as well

Pinball puzzle platformer, locoroco inspired, and there is a lot of cheese  

I hope you can finish it ( it's hard )  thanks a lot !