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Hello! I'm not sure if my curling game (PWYW) is eligible, but if it is I'd be happy to submit it to any bundle that supports BLM:

ah, I wish! But the game is barely paying for itself on iOS so far, so Android will have to wait a little longer unfortunately. I'm focusing my effort on the next game instead. Thanks a lot for your kind word = )  (Tell your sister she can press the space key to have the cuckoo punch out the stone you just launched as it goes past with the right timing)

(... But hey don't use it yourself, it's the secret technique for leveling the playing field! ah snap I ruined it)

Thank you! Merci! Gracias! Tack! Seriously, I'm real happy when people like it (  T  v T )☆

Thank you! I'm working on the next one, but I love sleeping so much? sleeping is great

Ah, thanks a lot! So glad you liked it  = )

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Much obliged, honourable frog friend  🍃

Haha so glad you liked it! Thanks for the let's play and your noble appreciation of bad puns ^___^ Please keep on doing your cool vids! (I'll check you games too :> )

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Hey everyone, I released Cuckoo Curling on iOS! ( I updated the desktop version accordingly so the experience on both platform match nicely. The layout is slightly different now but i think clearer and more enjoyable, so please have a look at the new version if you feel like it! -G-

Thanks! I also like to play with humans better because we make silly sounds while playing, like Oooh and Gnnnn or Nononononouu!

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Haha nice, had a fun time watching it! Great edit =)

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Hi! Just wanted to let everybody know I released a major update of Cuckoo Curling :)

The free version now lets you play games up to 4 players, humans or controlled by the AI.

And the deluxe version lets you do all of that but also gives you access to online mode so you can play games with far away friends!

If you're willing to give it a whirl I'd be super happy! I just started a one-week sale so it's quite the good time to pick it up.

Also if you have comments about the game please be my guest =) Have a nice week-eeend~


I did it, first commenter ever. I did the fracking online mode. For you. And others. Please download it.

I'm so happy to hear it! Train a bit more before betting the dishes =)

Thank youuuu ^^

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Thank you! I take freestyle curling very seriously

(ー ^ ー)

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It's done! haha. Sorry I've kept you waiting!

Just download the new build and you'll be able to play with friends and/or strangers =)

Thanks a lot! I'd really like to draw more comics these days! I'm happy you like those though, recently I was a bit sad to see that games and comics audiences weren't as close as I thought...

But if you enjoy comics take a look at the one I drew with Mel: It's about a girl adventurer and her cat from the future! Piko and Homard ^^

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Well I have good news for you: I'm working on it at this very moment ^_^

But shhhhh, it's a se.cret (^ー^)

Thank youuu (^ ___ ^) . It goes straight to my heart.

I'm really happy when people like the game!

Aw, so happy to hear it :D Same, I love slow-paced games because I can play with my uncle! Cheers to your mum c:

Hello =) I'm working on the solo challenge and some more playmodes at the moment so I'll definitely add a linux build to the to-do list

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Hello friend from the far-east =D thanks for the let'splay! I liked your videos, the edits are nice =) are you on twitter?

That would be so cool! I'll ask around to see if enough people are interested in it =)

Thank you ^^ Cat says cheers!

Hello again! I made a trailer for Cuckoo Curling so I figured I'd post it to the thread.

Thank you very much to everyone who played it! If you have comments, or a request for a new play mode I'd love to know =) (here or on twitter @Chromacool.)

Also it's a little late but Happy new year !

Thank you! =)

Hello, I hope everybody is having a nice holiday time =)

I just released my first game, it's about freestyle curling with a crocodile.

It's for 2 players and a round lasts about 1-5 minutes, the average time between pudding and tea.

If you take a look at it or give it a try with your uncles and grandmas I'll be very happy!

Here is the link:

Merry jolly wishes !