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This was really cool!

Great stuff!

Great stuff! I love how complex it gets.

Really cool. Love the whole tone.

I like the mini cam and the art is pretty nice.

Very fun! I played for a good bit.

Fun game. Love the concept.

Thank you much. I appreciate the feedback.

Very much enjoyed. The  art is really nice.

Thank you. Sorry it took me a bit to check out your game but I just did and it is pretty great!

All great stuff! The art is very nice as well as the audio!

Thanks man! Yeah I tend to like to overdo it on the fun effects.

That was fun. Keep it up.

Very fun and very well done!

Thank you.  You should just have to click Start Game. I have not ran into this. It worked fine for me. I will try and get it fixed. There is a download version as well.

I have not ran into this. It worked fine for me. I will try and get it fixed. There is a download version as well.

Thank you I will look into that. I enjoyed your project as well. Very simple and very fun.

Thank you I just tried it and found it really fun. going to rate now.

oh man I haven't seen anything like that! Very odd. Thank you though. Yeah we didn't have time to make art for the projectiles unfortunately. 

Thank you!

Fun game! I like the set up. Took me a sec to figure it out.

A good time. Really like the background effects.

Really cool!  I tried it when you first put it up. It seems like you improved it a good bit.

Enjoyed the different game types. It could use some audio and animation here and there. Had a good time.

The art is well done. It needs sound and some kind of tutorial. 

Enjoyed this. I like the background art.

Thank you! Glad to hear it!

Nice vibe. Feels like portal.

Thank you. Yeah I ran into some real problems as far as the web version but it's a game jam  so  it's going to be a bit rough around the edges.

Thank you much

Oh no! You may need to enter full screen at first to start.  Also thank you.

Very well done!

Thank you!

Love the voice acting and vibe.

Nice work.

Pretty fun. The upgrade UI is really nice.

I like how simple the concept is and how complex it got. Pretty fun. If you get a chance check out my entry Sky Dancer!