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That's an interesting idea ^^

Thank You for feedback. We're planning to redesign some of the gameplay elements so the player won't have to relay on luck.

You can put bomb into the green safe. It will prevent the explosion from messing up your stacks (camera shake is still there when it explodes but there's no shockwave) :)

'add exploding hearts'  noted!

thanks for playing our game ;D! We're considering adding local MP. Maybe in Update #3!  

Great little game :)

Hi! Thanks for playing our game. We're glad that You enjoyed it! :)


Hi! Nice video! :)
Thanks for playing our game. We're glad, that You enjoyed it :)

Amazing stuff guys! :)

Thanks :). Update should be up soon!

Thanks! We're working on a fix. We'll try to release it after LD Jam voting ends :)

I heard there's HTML5 version, but I don't see it : <

Thank You for the amazing video! You're a great Youtuber. Keep up the good work :)

Thank You :)