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my ability to switch tools was gone after 2-3 bombs :(

Sadly i can't get pass the controls info screen . Itried to click everywhere but nothing happens :(

Please, add a village and little people panicking in the bg :>

Thank You for playing our game and recording the video! :)

We're planning to make post-jam updated with some balancing, new mobs, weapons and probably bigger level.

We're glad You enjoyed it :)

Thank You : >

Thanks Scrubette :). It was a team work tho :p

I wanted to rate it on LD, but there's no link :/
I really love the Menu art, and the mayhem i create after upgreading my weapons. It was super satisfying to shoot. Sadly the webgl crashed by runing out of memory :d


Thank You :)

Lovely! I just wish there was more time before the waves, some automated turrets to buy and recompensate it with more ground layers :). The art and atmosphere is spot on!

haha this the reason why I'm a bit affraid of doing new stuff during jam :P

Thanks :)

No worries :)

Hey, this was super fun! Gameplay was super smooth and satisfying. Please keep working on it and add endless mode or make it rogue-lite like. I don't know if it was a bug, but i had homing missles on every playthrough after finishing first game (which gave me a bit of that rogue-like feel :P).

I wish the difficulty would ramp up way more - on the other hand, I loved how OP some of the combinations were.

Interesting idea tho it's hard to tell what's going on with the character when you switch gravity. It would be nice to have something in the background other than text that's a reference point for orientation.

This was actually quite fun.  It gave me a little bit of Atari nostalgia. I love how you could plug the lazer guns with the robots :P

Since You said You didn't made it in time, I didn't know if there was and end to the game, or just an infinite loop :P. The art is cute and the pathfinding worked super well - as well as the level generation :)

love the art and general vibe. I was able to reach 7500M :P

Pretty cool  asteroids game :)

Plays soo smooth! Good job. I did cut too many suns :P.

Thank You! :)

Thank You :)

I didn't know I could hack that well xD. My arms are hurting but at least i got the hacking job!

Amazing entry again! ... I got destroyed by the umm human "AI" -.-

Great idea! Sadly easy is too hard for me xD

Nice! I love how smooth everything is, especially the movement.

Nice entry. I wish I knew how to code puzzles like that. I love the smooth transition and ability to interact with 3d objects that are part of the world. I did get stuck on the puzzle with balls - too much thinking for a late night xD

Thank You :3

I know. There's no collider on the window. I was having fun jumping off and flying down next to the planet. I was going to add a collider, but forgot >. <. The glass mesh is also slighty moved ... something to fix in an update >. <

Good job! Lots of new stuff compared to Your last entry :). I remember failing at the camera movement in my previous LuxJam game, so well done! :d

Ahh, thanks. I was worried because rest of the game looked smooth and there were some weird particle glitchest at the same time that frame rate dropped :D

Thanks ^^

I have a question btw. I've see the framerate drop every time you killed someone. Was the frame drop in-game or just some video compression?

Thanks and thank You for playing it! The video was very entertaining and informative! (I'm following now)


Thanks for playing. I appreciate that :). It was really interesting to finally see someone else beside me play  the game^^

I should've mention that this is more of a early prototype where I test the combat to see if it's any fun xD.  I totally agree with what You said (It was super fun to watch video btw.). My goal is to expand the level, made of them, add more skills and enemy types - at least that's what I'm planning for the near future :)

I will tweak the jump to feel more useful and do something with that glitchy blood :D.  
There's also a hidden mechanic. Dmg is multiplied by the character velocity, so if You manage to gain some speed, You'll be able to one-shot the weaker enemies :D

Hello there! :)

I decided to start learning  programming  in C#/Unity this year by making a small project. I didn't expect to go beyond few moving boxes, but here I am today. I got really hooked and started creating assets, learning about unity tools that I've never worked with (mostly the animation thing and shaderGraph) and realizing I know nothing about sound design :D (all the sound are free assets - creators are credited in a .txt file. I'll create special menu for them when I start working on the UI). 

I would really appreciate any feedback that would help me improve this project (and no, I'm  not removing the blood and gore :P)


Ok, we'll have to talk about this enormous baby .... with a ... cyborg eye ~.^. Have You been assimilated by Borgs? ^.~

Sorry to hear that :(

Thank You for the comment :). I'm glad You liked the art and the atmosphere! :)
I wish I didn't give up and do those things You mentioned - collisions and fade at the end wouldn't be hard to make. Some ending art/text would make this feel like a game not just random scene. 
Thanks again for checking it out! :)

WebGL stuck at loading screen :(

good job! I failed after camera started rotating lol

Yeah I gave up on making gameplay after swtiching render pipelines mid-jam (I'm also a very bad beginner programmer :P). It screwed up my light intensity values, and my entire gameplay was based on that. I decided to get some enjoyment out of this game jam and create the gfx :P. I know I should've at least add some proper colliders and end-game screen, but I didn't thought I will submit the project. I've changed my mind 30min before end - i just had enough time to build a working version and upload it to itch >.<