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Ok, we'll have to talk about this enormous baby .... with a ... cyborg eye ~.^. Have You been assimilated by Borgs? ^.~

Sorry to hear that :(

Thank You for the comment :). I'm glad You liked the art and the atmosphere! :)
I wish I didn't give up and do those things You mentioned - collisions and fade at the end wouldn't be hard to make. Some ending art/text would make this feel like a game not just random scene. 
Thanks again for checking it out! :)

WebGL stuck at loading screen :(

good job! I failed after camera started rotating lol

Yeah I gave up on making gameplay after swtiching render pipelines mid-jam (I'm also a very bad beginner programmer :P). It screwed up my light intensity values, and my entire gameplay was based on that. I decided to get some enjoyment out of this game jam and create the gfx :P. I know I should've at least add some proper colliders and end-game screen, but I didn't thought I will submit the project. I've changed my mind 30min before end - i just had enough time to build a working version and upload it to itch >.<

Loved it!

I love how you used the cables 

Perfect! I was overthing there at one level, but I managed to finish it :P

Best mechanic I've seen soo far. Really great use of light and shadow. Perspective is a bit tricky sometimes, but it is quite unique.

great graphics, great jump feel, fun levels. Bud needs some more designing because right now it feels really exploit-y :( (some time limit on him or smthing).

P.S. I found Link :P

really fun and challenging

Great idea. Had fun playing it :)

One of the few games that I gave 5 stars. Fantastic idea and grea, simple art style. Love the powerups :D

Sounds and visual are AAA. Mechanics are bit unclear. I've manage to get pass the frist two ghost but the lizzard got me :(

I totally failed at the 2nd spikes level :D

Really interesting artstyle :). I really enjoyed the floatiness of the ghost for some reason :P.
The one thing i really need to complain about, is walking towards the left side. The camera should be infront of the character showing what awaits him. There some unfair sun placements as well :P.
Really nice dissolve effect btw.

Really cool and spooky :P

Really nice. It reminds me of Celeste. I can see this becoming a full game. Great job!

haha really cute, especially the sounds :P.

Great atmosphere and unique gameplay (at least for me:P). I just wish the transitons were much quicker :<

I think it would be easier if WSAD moved in world space, not local. That's just ofc my preferences. Still great job with the game. You've done a lot in those 48h :)

Great work Scrubette! Love the amosphere :). Lana needs a new keyboard or something  :>. 

ow ok. I though it's WSAD only game 

I would like to play more of it with improved gfx and controls ( im not sure if the player is following the mouse cursor or not)

Quite fun little game :). I'm not sure how the shooting direction works tho. Is it auto aiming?

It's fine. I parked my car in the water ^^

Thank You! Love your game too ^^

Cheers! No sound and no gameplay :D

I'm not sure how to play it, but the intro gives me shivers :P

Fantastic. I had the similar idea, but lack of the knowledge on how to implement it :).

Nice little game. Going to the Lux lage :D

Hey Nakarama. Thanks for playing it! :) Great video. It was fun to watch You discover new mechanics and sing to rhythm of the music.
We're working on a more complete version of the game if You're interested - there's still some time till release tho:

Not right now. There will be no time limit in upcoming update.

Thank You for Your opinion. We're sorry You didn't like it.

Hey, thanks for enjoying our game. We're testing some of those options already. You'll be able to open the shop whenever You want and there will be no time pressure other than just earning less money (we still want this to be a shop :P).  After each day You'll have time to rest and organize your shop. Giving the NPC's some personality sounds cool and we'll difenetly think about it :). Right now the team members are busy with their day-time job so everything slowed down but You can see some of the changes/additions on my twitter  :)


We're considering changing the game a bit, where running out of  time doesn't mean end of the game - You'll just earn less money or recive worse rewards. We're also thinging about adding Sandbox/endless mode. We would love to hear from everyone witch gameplay elements you like the most or don't like at all. Information like that will really help us in creating the game :).