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Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! If I ever expand upon this concept getting rid of or changing the way time windows worked would be one of the first things I change. Especially with the moving platforms, if you miss the first jump your as good as dead for most of the levels. Thanks again for playing and your feedback!

Thanks for playing! I was originally going to have each world be different colors and have the player change colors but I kept postponing it until the jam was over. Also I experimented with the time carrying over but it felt weird because all the levels were either too easy bc of the time rolled over or too hard bc it was designed to take longer than 5 seconds. Thanks again for your feedback! 

Thanks for playing! About the jump feeling off I just realized that the time scale is probably what is causing it to feel random. I made it so that the longer you hold space or w the higher you jump but with the time scale changing it makes it hard to calculate. Thanks again for playing and the feedback!

Thanks for playing! Right now the powerups only speed up the game by 0.05 and it was originally supposed to be 0.1 so that might be why it felt like the powerups didn't do much.

Thanks For Playing!

Really cool game! The art and music for it felt perfect. The gameplay was pretty polished as well with the only bugs being the crates acting weird at times and sometimes needing to jump to turn the bunny around.

Really cool game! The only problesm I had was that it was hard to figure out which way was up or upside down for the lightning bolt and the line with the 2 arrows for my monkey brain. Besides that it might have been nice if you had more than one life. Good Job!

Really cool game, the only improvement I would say to do is to make the fireballs faster. Its weird how the player is faster than them. Besides that great job!

Thanks For Playing!

Really cool game! I loved the shotgun jumping. 

Thanks for the feedback! Your right, looking back at it I 100% should have used a more clear font. Other people have also complained about g looking like a y and more. Also I definitly should have added an easier way to play because a couple of people also said it was harder for them to focus on both than I intended. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback! Looking back on it I 100% should have used a different font, your not the only one who mentioned some letters like k, r, and g looking like others. It would have also been way better if I added more feedback for the typing like a sound or visual effect after each word, and a cannon ball for the players attack. Thanks again for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks For Playing!

Thanks For The Feedback! I was trying to add it so that the words you typed turned red on the bottom but I couldn't figure out how to do it before the time was over. Thanks again for playing!

Thanks for playing! I ended up going with mouse controls because I feel like it allows the player to have more freedom moving around compared to using arrow keys or somethig else.

Thanks for the feedback! I was trying to think of a way to have different enemies or some sort of varity but I ended up overscoping a bit too much. Thanks for playing!

I checked it out before, I got a high score of 15000. Cool Game!

Really Cool Game! I loved the animation and tight movement. The only thing is that pressing the exit button after starting a game doesn't work and crashes the game. Besides that great job!  

Thanks for playing! Also, I loved your ant game,I didn't have the time to comment though because I was rushing to rate all the games in time. 

Thanks for playing! The cars were still easy to dodge after 50 or so? Also at first I had alot more people which sort of represented the theme better but I had to get rid of it because it felt too clunky. I still decided to use this idea though because I didn't wanna make an agario type game where you collecting stuff then if you have more stuff you kill something, or where you seperate numbers or letters like some of the other games. Thanks again for playing!

Thanks for playing! I didn't realize the car bug until after I published it. It was because I set it to be 180 in the prefab, and when I instatied it I rotated it again by 180. Your game was amazing as well!

Really cool idea! The only things I didn't really like was how there was only 1 letter/ number which made things sorta easy and I didn't understand what to use the bullet for. Besides that great job!

Amazing Job! I loved the addicting gameplay. 

Really cool game! Its a really cool concept.  The only critique I really have was that the balacing felt a bit weird. In the first couple of runs I felt like there were too many and most of the time all my allys would die half way throguh, and the time I won I only saw like 3 enemies the whole game. Besides that great job!

Really cool game! It was very well created but for some reason player one seems to have priority like if they both have 1 then collide instead of a tie its player 1 wins.

Thanks, did the web version work for you?

Thanks for the feedback! Did you play the downloaded version? It had a bug I forgot to fix with the canvas but it’s fixed on the web version

Thanks for playing! If I end up working more on the game the main thing I’m gonna add is a way to change the difficulty so far it was too easy or hard for everyone 

Really amazing game! I think this is the first multiplayer game I ever saw in a game jam.  Its really fun,  the only problem I have with it is it sometimes feels completely random who's gonna win unless if one player messes up really bad. 

Amazing game! I had a blast completing it, the only problem I had is that sometimes I wouldn't get the refrences at the bottom so I sort of had to guess. Besides that amazing work. 

Thats the main problem I had making the game most people say its either too hard or easy. That seems like a really cool idea to help with that. Thanks for playing!

Played it again this time it ran well, but for some reason there was some noise looping in the background. Besides that good job!

I tried playing but it froze and it wouldn't let me continue, The tutorial worked fine but I hit skip, it transitoned but it wouldn't let me move besides shooting.  I wasn't able to really play it but the graphics look really good.

Thats a really good idea to give the player a point. I was trying to find a way to add a timer while trying to balance it but right now its either too hard or easy for most people adding points would have been way better. Thanks for playing it!

Amazing game, It was really fun! the only critique I have would be to add a visual indicator of how much the grafiti is damaged like making it more transparent for example. Besides that great job!

Really Cool Game! I had a high score of 35

Really Cool Game!! I wasn't able to beat it but I got a max score of 28.