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Thanks for sharing your game! I've had a bit of a special experience with this where there was a cool idea emerging... accidentally? Maybe? But it made me have a great time! I should explain myself.

So the game's controls did not fully work for me. I could use the mouse click commands and attract the other character with E, but WASD was doing weird stuff. I could only jump, not walk in any direction. But then during jumps, while the character was airborne, I could change their direction mid-air and use that to move.

Of course this is rather tedious and it's definitely not what the level was designed for, so I ended up playing the game in a different way, which I *believe* was not 100% intended, but it's actually a pretty cool idea?

Basically I repeated this loop: attract A to B, while controlling B throw A towards the platform I want to move to, change to A, attract B to A.

So I was  constantly throwing the second character where I wanted them to be and then attracted the first one to them, thus making progress with both together. 

And I think that's a pretty cool platforming mechanic to explore and quickly leads to many more ideas. For example, instead of magnets I was starting to imagine something like the Ice Climbers in Smash when they're connected by a rope with the Up-Special. Maybe you could do momentum-based platforming and puzzles by controlling two characters connected by a rope who constantly throw each other to move forward. Of course, the same basic concept still works with magnets. An interesting possibility could be throwing a character away and then attract them again at a certain point to change the trajectory. That is probably already possible in your game as it is, it would just need the corresponding level design.

I do think you had something like that in mind already, but actually making it impossible to just walk with the characters really accentuates this concept of two characters that cannot move independently and makes it more special in my opinion. And it forces the player to be more creative with the platforming.

Otherwise, as potential advice for another jam game... while I was learning how to play in the beginning I found the visual details of the level a bit distracting actually. Maybe go for something a tad more simple if you're not focusing too much on creating a specific atmosphere. That probably gives a little more time to refine other elements, too.

All in all, congratulations for creating this neat little game! It's easy to give more ideas after playing the game, but working to ship something playable in such a short amount of time must be super hard. I hope you had fun while doing this! I definitely had my fun playing and thinking about it :)

Excellent concept! I think this game has the best combination of approaching the theme in a creative way while still keeping the playability.  I love how it makes you try out different setups for the robot for different levels, depending on the layout. It kinda gives a puzzle element to platforming and that makes it super fun! Love it!

I like that you made the level be out of control instead of the character which makes it much more playable and enjoyable. I think the flashlight was effectively unnecessary because you could see everything well enough and, with time, the gravity changes become just a nuisance if there is no danger involved (maybe some objects that shouldn't be touched? Although then the gravity changes should become slightly predictable, maybe with a two-second alert beforehand or something).

The final solution gives the demo a nice hook and leaves a fun impression, although of course this can't be solved if you don't have a minimal idea about coding. Introducing stuff like this slowly could make this a fun game!

All in all, honestly a great demo for being your first work in a game engine. Hope you keep it up!

Definitely the most polished game I've tried so far in this Game Jam! Pretty good game feel to it, maybe the jumping action feels a little bit too quick, but otherwise quite nice. I think my main critique is that I was missing some extra hook to justify the gimmick idea. When the cameraman focuses on the cat, for example, that was a bit more interesting than just an excuse for a classical scrolling level. So with more camera shenanigans like with the cat, this could be a very fun game to play!

Generally great work!

The idea is quite fun! I had a problem with the agent getting stuck a lot, but if stuff like that can be corrected, it could be interesting to play!

I like the art and I think that the idea of hallucination levels that you need to solve while other stuff is happening in the "real" level is quite nice. The jumps are a bit difficult to pull off, jumping while walking in a direction would have made it far more playable already!

In the room with the color wheel, it would have been nice to have a little more space without holes nearby to be able to experiment and find out and how the control work there. I think the concept there could be interesting but it's too frustrating to get into. With a bit more polishing I'd try it out again!

The polish in this one is incredible! Great responsiveness to everything happening on screen. I think the key changes make it a bit too difficult, but maybe the concept can be adapted to a similar idea. Great job though!

Really original idea, had a ton of fun solving all the puzzles! With more levels and some polish I could definitely see this becoming a full puzzle game! I found that the learning curve was easy to handle, and that the game taught the player with correct, understandable steps. I especially loved how it escalated into a final scrolling level. That could be a great idea for "boss levels"!