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Chris Clews

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Simple yet fun little game! :D

My apologies, I know this is an old comment, but how do I download the latest version of Super Radish Witch? My download page for this game has a Windows build from 2016 and this page says it was updated in 2019.

Hey everyone, I am pleased to announce that my game Orbulus is now available.

Orbulus is a platformer game where you control a mysterious blue orb that has landed on an unknown planet. Can you gather all the crystals and jewels you can find, using your wits alone to avoid enemies and hazards?

Has anyone felt that they've been taking too long to make a single game? Like they've been distracted with life, work, studies and the like, that the motivation to develop your game just isn't there, even though you feel like you want to?

I feel that way with a game I'm working on  - I started development back in June 2015 and it still hasn't been completed yet (just 1 level left to make, along with ending sequences, beta testing, few sounds left to make, and final tweaks). Little by little I've been making progress, though I feel like it shouldn't be taking this long.

I've been told by my friends that good things take time, but still...

Hello everyone, I would like to apologize for the lack of updates these past few months. I'm afraid that real life and study have spared me little time for working on this game.

Here's what progress has been made on the game:

> Status bar design has been updated; font used to display lives, crystals remaining, and score has been changed (the font used in the above screenshots is a placeholder font [made by me] used until the necessary font license was purchased).
>Crystal design has been changed.
> Level 11 has been added - needs to be tweaked.
> Previous levels have been tweaked.

WIP screenshot of Level 3. Status bar has been updated, as well as crystal design and status bar font.

WIP screenshot of Level 11.

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Hello everyone, here's some more WIP screenshots.

Orbulus dev screenshot 4 by Rhodenris

Orbulus dev screenshot 5 by Rhodenris

Thanks! I used Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS) to make the music.

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Hello everyone. I'd like to show you all a game I've been working on, inspired by the Bounce game found on Nokia phones - Orbulus.

Orbulus is a single player platforming game. You play as a blue orb whose objective is to collect all the crystals in
a strange world, while avoiding enemies and other obstacles.

The orb has no weapons; you will have to rely on your wits and reflexes in order to survive.

The game will feature an ambient soundtrack, composed by myself. You can listen to one of the game tunes here:

I have been working on Orbulus on and off since June 2015, and I hope to have it finished by the end of the year.

Work to be done:
>  Other levels to be implemented
>  Levels that are already completed to be tweaked
>  Checkpoints to be added
>  New enemies to be added
>  All music for the game is completed, however some fixes will need to be done
>  Ending sequence to be created
>  (Only if there is time) Bonus areas that can only be accessed by means of a hard-to-find keystone to be added

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A simple, yet charming game, great job. :D

One thing though - when the scoring is calculated at the end of each world,
is it calculating the averages, or the total? Because I've found that the
scores calculated when an individual level's completed doesn't add up to the
world's score.

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Hi everyone,

My name's Chris, and I'm working on my first commercial game - Orbulus, a simple platformer inspired by the mobile game Bounce. I've done a couple of games before - another platformer, a small adventure game, and a game where you pop bubbles.

I'm also a cartoonist and a music composer.

You can find my music here:

My favourite genres of games are puzzlers, platformers/side scrollers, adventure and action/adventure games, and FPS games.